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CMC's - S.O.W.
(from the album Everyday Death Sentence)

gots to sow, S-O to the W. you step to me and say what you been up to
good loc cuz no good is behind me once upon a time I was down on them
streets of L.A. ......... Jehovah.... Gizmo a soldier holding this
microphone and Im Samoan and heaven is where Im going, yes its all
about Jesus and a two edged sword we packs will never bust swiftly
slicing......coniving the body of Christ (yeah) were rising up (yall)
getting tougher than tough the body of Christ is the body of Gods love
always preaching never stopping Jesus loves you in hebrew thats agape.
Im here to share his lovingkindness cuz when I was told it broke my
blindness. I praise God cuz now I see clearly hoping that americas
youth would here methere is hope and God is in control Yo free (whats
up) tell em bro I gots to sow............cuz Im a lyrical evangelist
.......S.O.W. means straight out witness.........thats what Im called
to do so all of you take heed to the truth yeah the truth hurts but hell
...........clean and uncompromised

dont you know weve got to sow (weve got to sow) (dont you know we
gotta sow)
cant you see its up to you and me