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KJ-52 - Dear Slim Pt. 2
(from the album Its Pronounced Five Two)
© copyright 2003

Dear Slim I wrote you but you're still not callin
Its been a couple years since I wrote that song and
A lot has changed now for you and I
I had no clue I would write and song to you and it would change some lives
Kids wit tears in their eyes now come up to me
Showin love to me and sayin they look up to me
The effects to me well its really kind of hard to see
I only wanted to share wit you now what Jesus has done for me
But theres a whole other side of things now I have come to see
Its a huge influence that you got upon the industry
But enough of me, its not what Ive came to say to you
Not a day goes by where I don't take time to pray for you
And I'm sorry for what you're mom and dad they did to you
And I can relate with you cause well dude, Ive been there to
I know theres a lot of pain and hurt that you been through
But never forget theres a real love God gave for you

La la la la la [to whom it may concern]
La la la la la [its still to whom it may concern]

Dear Slim, I wrote you but you still ain't callin
Backstage at the VMA's someone gave you my song and
Im kind of wonderin what you thought man
When that guy walked up to ya talk to ya and put it in your hands
Maybe you never listened to it or maybe you lossed it
Or maybe you heard it or just got mad and tossed it
Did he diss you back, thats the question that I always get
Im like well God forbid you might even have liked it
I don't know but congratulations on your movie yo
And I heard ya last record, well over 10 million sold
But theres one thing that really gots me thinkin bro
Does a grammy mean anything if it just got to cost ya soul
In case you didnt know theres a love that will never go away
You said you were goin to hell but it don't have to be that way
See the bottom line of what I'm tryin to say is
God puts back together the broken pieces thats been thrown away
Even if everyone you know ups and goes away
He'll still love ya till that very day that ya old and gray
Too bad alot of Christian all they do is hate on you
Instead of droppin to their knees and takin time to pray for you
And its obvious that ya really love ya daughter dude
And for that I gotta to tell ya well I really got respect for you
So here it is dear Slim chapter part 2
From another cat jus tryin to make it jus like you


Dear Slim did you hear that junk I'm goin through
Kids sendin me hate mail tellin me now I'm bittin you
Tellin me now they gone beat me and kill me too
But alot of people jus seem to get the song confused
See what I say to you it might ever sound funny
But I never came at you to paint you as the enemy
It wasnt about hatin you or startin some controversy
It wasnt about blamin you or tryin to make some money
I didnt claim to know everything that you have exprienced
Man I don't know if you'll ever even be hearin this
But I said it once, and I still hold to this
Is a life witout Christ is still a life that is never fixed
I'll tell you this even if its a hard pill to swallow
Like it or not Slim, you're always gonna be a role model
Do you know these kids were the ones they always follow
What we say and how we live gives them a better tomorrow
I had my share of sorrows plus I've been rejected
Ive been chewed up, spit out and dissprespected
But If I die today and I never sell another record
Jesus gave me more then ever could've been expected
I know life is hectic it can leave you blown away
But check it bro cause we all gonna die some die
On that note well there's only one thing left to say
It still one love one God and only one way