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Liphe - Passion Within My Heart
(from the album Theories of Liphe)
© copyright 2002

(this song was written and recorded in 2002)

Passion Within My Heart

Verse 1:
The core essence of my passion resides inside a heart dedicated/
To the subculture of hip-hop, erupting into a force concentrated/
Inside the mentality of a frustrated madman incarcerated/
Trapped by the shackles of hell/
Fighting ferocious battles to reach my brothers and sisters that never made it/
Never be liberated from the tribulated bands of captivation, never be elevated/
Into a mind infatuated on the Scriptures of Christ, never to find the peace illustrated/
Of a lost conscience confined to the lifetime of a desperation/
Growing inside the aggravation/
Of this lyrical renegade emerging as a brainchyld of motivation/
Fighting for the new beginnings of a revolution/
To end this madness of the world system of illusions/
Sacrificing my life into a single breath to provide a solution of life/
Reaching masses trapped to the midst of confusion/
If my passion was food for thought, I hope you would digest it/
Into a mindset of concentration on the Word, focusing on the message in which I spits.

I carry this sight/
Living the light/
Focusing on Christ/
Setting the tones with a passion of might/
Carry this sight/
Living the light/
Of my sight…

Verse 2:
Glance into the desperation of a brainchyld to discover a man of dedication/
Focused on the Revelation of Christ, focused on the liberation/
Of his people incarcerated to the shackles of mental captivation/
Focused on a revolution of life, focused on a verbal inspiration/
Flowing inside a mindset of concentration/
On the Word merged with a whirlpool of intellect displayed through his lyrical aggravation/
Focused on his peoples perception of the truth/
Fighting wars against deception, capture the listeners mind into connection/
With Christ and the Scriptures, provide a solution of life to the masses/
To understand this passion is more than an obsession.


Verse 3:
If wisdom were a revolution then why don’t we join it/
If I had music behind it I pray you listen to it/
To absorb the context of the intellect manifested/
Inside the mind of a resurrected/
Mental slave fighting for the truth to mold my peoples perspective in life/
Hoping this eruption of fury will dwell inside minds connected with Christ/
Focused on the passion behind this rebel’s objective/
To stimulate minds, spreading life to the masses in hopes my passion will reach a world subjected/
Into the strands of sin, shackled by the bands of mental oppression/
Reaching out as a movement of music, thriving inside the minds of a black youth dedicated/
To the cross of Christ, liberated into a mind infatuated/
On the core essence of my passion my music has truly illustrated.