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Cross Movement - In Not Of
(from the album Holy Culture)
© copyright 2003

Gotta let Ďem know
Gotta let Ďem know Ďbout the Name
Gotta let Ďem know
Gotta let Ďem know Ďbout the game
Repeat Bridge

Verse 1:
Lord, the world thinks youíve left the streets/
And that you ainít the kind of guy/
That would bless the beats/
And because you ainít busting heat/
That you canít relate to being tempted/
To grind to eat/
Or to flip a little ecstasy/
Just playing roll for your seed/
Like a sesame/
Or the meaning of Thug Destiny/
Or to know whatís all up/
In a mix like a recipe/
They canít possibly think that/
You paid your dues/
When you ran in the streets/
Of old Jeruz./
You wasnít the Don with the God Father nod/
But visible Father God and you ran your squad/
And now you run inside of cats/
With backward hats and boots/
Evangelical hip-hop modern day recruits/
And just like Jews and Gafilta Fish/
Ainít too many dudes that are built for this/
We grind for souls/
Forget what the liar told/
You give throwback jersey for choir robes/
Sunday Clothes?/
If you catch us in the pulpit,/
Itís fittedís and black Gibuardís/
Hereís the goals/
Take the risk, light the coals/
Bring the heat, flex the gift/
Break the molds/
Recruit, enlist/
Fulfill the Great Commish./
And like L.J. said,/
ďWe trying to Rock the SoulsĒ.

Whoís mic is this?/
Iím in it, but I ainít of it/
I live it, but I donít love it/
Whoís life is this?/
I admit it/
I ainít above it/
I gotta get it/
But I donít covet/
Whoís world is this?/
Itís dated/
many love it/
I hate it/
But I donít judge it/
Whoís world is this?/
Not to conform/
Whoís life is this?/
Here to transform/
Whoís mic is this?/
Flavor, not norm/
Salt and light, among the night/
Word bond!

Verse 2:
Thatís right word bond/
Iím trying to Kingdom work like I got a third arm/
Most hip-hop needs stimulant turn on, Yak or Bourbon/
But not these words from the street that turn Psalm/
Brooklyn to Guam, we ďRing thee Alarm!Ē/
Watch God get His in Hip-Hop for certain/
Donít front, this culture needs a clear display/
A clearer way, somebody make it clear today/
Itís hard to look on my outward to peep my in/
Thatís like trying to see my heart beat inside my skin/
But if you know hip-hop courses inside my veins/
Know all [of] hip-hopís blood types ainít the same/
Iím transfused with the Blood of an ancient King/
He paid dues, and now I canít help but bling/
But not ice, ainít talking about a life of crime/
My whole crew donít know nothing but a life of rhyme/
It ainít strange, new birth done met the knock/
It done changed, the church done met the block/
Itís so plain, the God of the Israelites/
Got a pain in His heart for the dismal types/
He ainít concerned about your plaits and your tiny roots/
He even thinks you kinda fly with your shinny tooth/
He left us in the world and said mix it up/
But with a righteous kind of flow that picks it up/
Before Satan can 666 it up/
He gone bust through the sky and fix it up/
But Ďtil then, let this culture make us proud/
But only to the point where it starts acting foul/
And if it does, ainít no time to blackout dude/
You gotta put it in a hold and make it tap out , oooooo/
Cause to God, hip-hop got to bow and blush/
We donít live for hip-hop, hip-hop lives for us.


Verse 3:
To each his own,/
But none will ever come unseat the throne/
Salt penetrates from meat to bone/
We tryinna to reach the pain/
Bring the peace, Ďtil they say ďPreach it, homes!Ē/
ďTeach it, man!Ē Keep your dough/
Ďcause this is strictly on a need to know/
Yo, everybody need to know/
Thatís why I gotta lace the flow/
ítil men holla [for] ďChristĒ/
Like Japan hollas ďIchiro!Ē/
Men gotta need like Pizza dough/
We pull we stretch, but do we ever really reach them, though?/
I donít mean no harm, but Iíll bet the farm/
Some put the weight of the mission on skill and charm/
And they get iller than all, their killing evolves/
But with no alarm, CM will remain calm/
Lord, how long the wait, cause this is a long debate/
Neither side wants to prolong the hate/
They say we reach the church and they reach the streets/
But canít find an in or out of season to preach/
And thereís only two, but you kept the charge the same/
The harvest is ready, but the workers lame/
I say we reach the church and we reach the streets/
And some donít believe and Iíll catch the heat/
But weíll take the lash, word bond,/
But theyíd be surprised if they knew who was ringing the horn/
But ainít no beef, cause we all still fam/
Iím gonna shut my teeth and not give the enemy a chance/
But just know this, this is our only main stance/
Trust the wisdom of God and not the stratz of man.