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Liphe - Struggles of Liphe
(from the album Theories of Liphe)
© copyright 2003

(this was written and recorded in 2002)

Verse 1: Soldier the brainchYld
Take a journy through the steps of this man/
Bound to the chains like a slave on the verge of a madman/
Damned to the world focused on money and sex and not the Masters Plan/
To break the chains and end this life span/
Stuck in sin since life began/
Now it fades and crashes into the hands of mankind in the waste/
The want prostitution instead of dedication/
I can speak of cash, shorties and lose my integrity/
But does that provide an illustration of hiphops creation/
My motivation is to dispell the flesh/
Mistaken the concepts of my aggravation/
I'm losing my patience forced to live in bondage and separation.

Most cats don't take the time to realize my fate/
My revelation is illustrated by this world/
I'm losing, struggling to live in this place/
Mankind has hold of my fate.

Verse 2: Tech Omega
Freeing blacks with a rhythm of rap/
Racist sayin prison is within a black/
Claiming its a living fact/
Though our vision is cracked/
Men dippin wit the chicken and back/
Sayin life is f-d up but you don't listen to that/
Freedom you not digging that/
A revolution you dissing that/
Pain you kissing that/
Peace I'm kicking that/
Instead of being trapped in a system black/
Shackled in miserys chains/
She speaks to me and explains more ghetto pain/
Ask Martin Luther King, Tupac and Don King what being black gets you/
My message hits you bloods and crips to/
Blingers wit whips and kicks to/
Chicks wit weak minds but they got hips to/
I speak to y'all i aint forget you/
Dedicated to a revolution/
Feel the message on and boppin on and moving/
Like dough to pimps to prostitution/
How about being somebody in life that's a solution/
Ancestor's die in starvation in inner city pollution/
I'm fighting a system institution/
It's time we're stayin free we're not losin.


Verse 3: Soldier the brainchYld
Mankind's malleable twisted in the apocalypse where hope seems intangible/
Its availabe but mankind broke it to the point where its dismantled/
Failing to grasp it to the point where it can't handle/
Mankind's in shambles torn by pain of life/
Death takes innocence already more than they can handle/
Trampled by the very thought of the rain/
Felt by many strugglin in the game of life and its stain/
By the ways of mankind chokin from the strain/
I've dealt with the pain pierced in side by the strain/
When death took the innocence of my uncle and grandpop/
In agony cousin turned to glocks/
Now locked behind the chains bars and locks/
He's strapped in pollution/
Who's to turn to for the direction and the solution/
Trapped in the maze of confusion/
Who's to turn to for the direction and the solution/