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Pastoral Advisory - (Jesus Christ is) Still Alive
(from the album Weg en Waarheid)
© copyright 1997, Busy R.

If ya hear a lotta noize, with a pumpin' voice
It must B Da R. from da Big Busy BoYZ
Yeah, I'm pumpin' it lyrical, I'm saved by a miracle
So praize 2 da Lord that I did hear Him call
When I wuz livin' in sin, ma life wuz wicka-2-da-wacka
But when I gave it 2 Him, He changed me like that
Yeah, He unchained & unchained & unchained & unchained me
& then He changed & changed, yeah He re-arranged me

Jesus Christ is still alive
Yeah, Jesus... is alive
On tha X he died 4 U
But He stood up & now He livez 4 U
Yeah, He livez 4 me & so I live 4 Him
Hiz Holy Blood washed away my sinz
And I no that He lovez ya 2
So Y not let Him clean ya 2!

Where I used 2 freak till da saturday mornin'
Now I go 2 church on da sunday mornin'
2 pray & 2 praize Him, He'z da 1 that saved ma life
So now I talk about Jesus when I smoke da mike
Coz He can change U & all ya've need 2 do
Is X Him in yar heart & He will come 2 U
Yeah, & then He fillz up da M-T-nez inside yar heart
So 4 1ce in yar life take that step & B smart

Repeat Chorus

Coz da devil'z wanna smoke ya, but Jesus' wanna set ya 3
So open up yar heart & get down on yar neez
Coz where ya'll spent E-turn-E-T, it'z yar own choize
Smokin'.. Or non-smokin'
But ya've gotta make a choize coz there is no in-B-tween
Yo! Check it in da Bible, Luke 11:23
Yeah, it'z all in da Bible, all da answerz 4 da world
All da answerz 2 yar problemz, yeah, read 'm in God'z word

Repeat Chorus

It'z 1995, Jesus Christ is still alive
Hiz word is in da Bible, it'z still cuttin' like a knife
But people call me cray-Z, but I don't give a heck
Coz on Judgement Day.. He'll B back
So da Bigger-da-Busy R. is fightin' demonz on da frontline
& I ain't got no A.K. & I ain't got no 9
But I shoot 'm up with prayerz, hold ma handz up in da sky
& ma Homie Jesus Christ, will just crush 'm up like fliez!

Repeat Chorus