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Ambassador - Loophole
(from the album Christology)
© copyright 1999

Your born, you suffer, you die
but there's a Loophole

[The Ambassador]
You're born, you suffer, you die - ever ask why?
That's the task I have, I'm comin' just as I am
My plan is to help the planet understand this
man is under the 2nd law of thermo-dynamics
Which means at the seams everything falls apart
Genesis 3 the Fall's the start
Now I'm called to spark
hope in an ugly world rougher than rugby
Where stuff be making it hard to say, "Jesus Loves Me."
Plus we see the sorrow
And many get rich bettin' their bottom dollar
"The sun won't be out tomorrow."
They question, "If there's a God how can nobody see Him?
And if He's mad then how can I appease Him?
Give me a reason to believe Him or receive Him
My season is forever freezin', it seems like winter's never leavin'
Ask my boys we all feel we got a raw deal
I feel like cashing in my chips, crashing in my 4-wheel
For real the pain is drivin' me insane Kid. Explain this
How much longer can I can sustain this?
What could make more sense than suicide
When after being born, you only suffer, then ya die?"


[The Ambassador]
Your birth, ya hurts, then your hearse there's a curse
In God's empire He had to strike back, we struck first
It should be worst check the evidence
The deeds of earth's residence are
Bad from the kids to the Presidents
It's hard "B" finding somebody living godly. It's so rare like seeing
black people playing hockey
And I see man's got sin like dogs get rabies
How else do you explain why we save trees and kill babies?
Sucked in by the suction of the material hell zone
It's not enough to have a keeper gotta have a cell phone
Debt is well known but still mother's who know they can't afford em
Still they rob Peter and Paul to buy their kids some Jordan's
Guys are called punks if they maintain virginity
Girls give it up and the next day gotta say, "Remember me?"
We sin with all our energy, dream of being on TV
and many make it, on "COPS." I see the series weekly
You see the picture and you try to understand
Like watchin' the Japan version of Jackie Chan
I've just scratched the surface but earth is mad far from its purpose
And soon to out just like the surface


[The Ambassador]
So this cycle of things have brought more pains than bunions
Many tears like when you peel many raw onions
We're made to rule but Satan's fooled us
And got us on a bumpy ride like a yellow school bus
And now he rules cause we gave the rule up
Sin's his tool to amuse ya knowing you'll lose to the sin in the future
We've got the knack for sinnin', yet we want back dominion
But we steer our lives wrong like jags with broke rack and pinion
Now turn the news on, nothing news on
We're going about as far as a car with no gas and a boot on
But now meet the God who put a human suit on
Got in man's shoes without a shoe horn got His suit torn for men
Born to win just to go on a limb to die for sin
So men could be born again
They taunted Him saying, "If your God flaunt it then. Get off the cross,"
But that's the cost so He stayed on it, friend
Letting a reservoir of divine blood pour
For the joy of providing a sick world a cure
And a chance to be with their Redeemer ever, see His face forever
See His grace forever
Now I say Yahweh I trust ya
Now I like it His way, not my way like a Usher
Cause the way of man leads to eternal strife
But the way of Christ, the Loophole, leads to eternal life