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Vorm - When I'm weak I'm strong

It's like this as a christian I give you extra vision
through my precism of truth and realism
in well build complex rhyme composition
so that you learn of a better life position
Ill inspirations fall into my mind one kind
of alignement gets diverse when bad comes to worse
try not the curse but filthy thoughts try to infiltrate
I orientate myself in the higher state
I'm sick of wrongdoing, upscrewing I need renewing
wash me clean Jesus is what I and I pleases
total releases of painfull forms and pieces
I hope the devil's fire ceases for peace
but the war is not over and won't increase
My mind is dizy because I keep on turnin
my heart inside out now I see it's burning
A warfield but day by day I'm learning
how to use my weapons and tactics
basspower, vocal fist and drumkicks
I'm shooked when I looked into the mirror
the picture of my enemy had become clearer
I see his eyes clear and full of fear
and some sad, hopelessness and despair
I have to ask God to do intensive care
Lord eliminate greed and teach to share

When I'm weak I'm strong when I'm strong I'm weak

the next chapter still waitin for the rapture
the thoughttrain with some fantasy I captured
I measured own faults which speeds like a boat
as a child I thought problems would be over as adult
but boldly I learned adolessence isn't the essence
only brought more defense and confidence
intens is search for higher resolution
to some they are true but mad confusion
is brought and tought to you please don't bite
and boast about delivery and that you're fly as a kite
tight conversation startin rehabilitation
of original creation and futures facing
the pacing towards reality check, inhumanity
fariseas with ideas bowing to their knees
but still don't know their truth : flowin with every breeze
say cheese, I fotograph you and your staf so laugh
at yourself and see the mirror : walking on the wrong path
life after death is not a choice you have to make
but break with old ways turn to God for heaven's sake
the lake of fire is not the place to haze
3rd degree burns are the case , rather receive God's grace
this is the chase of your reality followin' desparity
smoke the christism cause it gives you clarity

When I'm weak I'm strong when I'm strong I'm weak

I desperately seek to kill the weak in this Jesus freak(Weakness II Korinthe 12 7b-10)
I mentally abuse myself and turn the other cheak
I look into the light of the Son but I put my sunglasses on
I know hiding is wrong but the Bible says when I'm weak I'm strong
I'm weird, weird faces look at me weirdly
I'm scared, scared faces look at me scared see
I'm frightened, frightened people left my appearance frightfull
I'm cool, to fractured fools who don't know the rules
back to elimentory school feelings and emotion are tools
expressing often dislike of Those too cruel
I try to solve my weaknesses through the word
undo errors and get my prayers heard