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Pastoral Advisory - Gotta Give 'm What They Need
(from the album Weg en Waarheid)
© copyright 1997, Busy R.

I wanna tell a story, 'bout a gift I received
A few yearz ago, when I didn't B-lieve
Ma heart was M-T, ma mind was blewed
Ma soul was lost & ma life was screwed
I lived at nite, was stuffed with dope
With a f*cked up brain I lost all hope
I got lost in da dark, got drunk ev'ry nite
& I neva left a party B-4 da mornin' lite
But then Jesus B-came a friend of mine,
He touched ma heart, ma soul, ma mind
There waz a war goin' on, but da good winz
Jesus told me He loved me, that He died 4 ma sinz
So da Father could 4-Give, & then I saw da lite
Yo! I was clean!! & then I wanted 2 B rite!
I'm still no regular, but I don't have 2 B!
Coz in Jesus name, I'm set 3!

What I needed was a Helpin' Hand
A Rope, a Reason & a Friend
He gave it 2 me, so now I give it 2 U
Yeah, da 1derfull secret is that He died 4 U!
So now I say a prayer 4 ma unsaved brotha
Yeah, I'm kickin' demon'z S like there ain't no otha
Yeah, I just knock 'm out with da br-I-test lite
Coz ya can't hide from da lite of Jesus Christ
Yeah, da wicka-da-wack devil, he can do a lot,
But he'z nuffin', compared 2 God!
So now I'm praisin' God, ma Heavenly Father!
That I'm filled with Da Spirit, like a river is with water
Yeah! I'm doin' ma rhymez in da name of da Lord
But neva da weak boy, I'm still hardcore
I'm tellin' da Gospel 'o God, & then I'm plantin' a seed
Coz Yo!... I've gotta give 'm what they need!