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Dynamics - Rockin It
© copyright 2002

(features Tech Omega from the group Liphe)

Verse 1: Dynamics
Apply scientists earth moon and stars/
Peep the next verse 16 bars/
Evaluated by heads from commercial brothers in dreads/
The greatest rhyme never said/
Is written from a pencilís lead/
Each line has been under proper diagnosis/
Before the whole rhyme was evaluated for dopeness/
In the hallways brothers canít quote this/
Other kats not even believing I wrote this/
But guess what yo I got my style than a million supermodels/
And hit you like an alcoholic does a liquor bottle/
You the wack rapper getting booed at the Apollo/
Your girl got a stain dressed like Monica cuz she didnít swallow/
I got more flavor than Baskin and Robbins/
Rhymes that will be holdin ya hand and leave it throbbin/
But give me credit wack emcees get beheaded/
Whether with fades or their hair dreaded/
Most are pathetic and they still donít get it/
And you biotches you can tell them that I said it.

We rock we rock the mic/
You better stop cuz you aint got tight/
WFC keeping it hype tonight.

Verse 2: Tech Omega
Iím above your average rhymer/
My raps go behind caps and eating a womanís vagina/
Above a glock timer/
But this culture dropping styles like a gay designer/
My jewels is manifested in my scripts/
Like sounds out my loveís lips/
A natural high got me taking trips/
With you across my journals of apocalypse/
With what my ink flips/
Til my papers collapse trying to be an aphrodisiac/
And move ahead like
Through times of violence and busting caps/
Through gats I suck at busting raps/
Why must queens make money for having backs/
They should be intelligent beneath cracks/
Pimped or macked/
The system prisoner just stating the facts/
Me I make tracks that carry my ancestors/
Through life sweater than nector/
Iím trapped in the supreme sector/
Reading Scriptures of knowledge to bless ya/
Poetic skills from this kid named tech omega/
My mic will test ya leave minds in a mess bra/
The way I blow poetic scriptures to hit you quicker/
With the venom of a boa constrictor.


Verse 3a: Dynamics
My brain conducts my thoughts like a symphony/
My music message spreads like a girl losing her virginity/
Imagery vividly seen through words spoken/
Which opens the minds and emotions of the few chosen/
My minds potent writing rhymes in a daily devotion/
When I focus the track collides only cause a commotion/
On dance floors, got crowds like ravers on ecstasy/
Next to me you end up seeing me competitively/
Iím a master with no opponents/
A supreme microphonist/
You want it I own it/
You try to figure it out I already known it/
Itís a bonus when I step on the mic/
Emcees you know I give the crowds and fans what they like.

Verse 3b: Tech Omega
I was never fond of politics/
Not even if it was ecstasy and bisexual chicks/
They wouldnít be next to me on trips/
I spit like the lyrical apocalypse/
Words and skills like bloods and crips/
This is perfection as good as it gets/
Soon as my thoughts drip like unloading 500 clips from loose lips/
Hands on triggers like the was J-Los hips/
Iím the live wire to blow ya cipher/
Equipped with fire to move forward and never retire/
Spit twice as tighter/
Mark my verses down with 400 highlighters/
Iím the lyrical poetic writer/
Mic rider with these types of moves to bust tight crews/
Watch as my mic to crews/
Spit tight to crews/
Iím awake as my mic moves/
Matter of fact with raps Iím the one with it/
Spittin iller than diseases sexually transmitted/
Donít forget it/
Cuz anyone who steps I be the first to rip it/
The first to see my fist and get it/
Knowledge and skills Iím equipped with it/
Deflect it direct chest hit/
Got you on some of that nextmanisht/
Tech came to be the next kid to bless it/
Funny I didnít move when the checks hit/
I move when the mic and live sex hit/
Iím hard like Iím in a sex clip.