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StuDent - Dead Like Me
(from the album Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
I was first taught to love then you got a hold of me/
Shot me out in fear - the dark kept me hidden/
Written with anger - where focus doesn't exist/
Is it the word you gave - or freedom from slaves/
Made you listen - when i -- spoke my words/
Kept the block on lock without showin my heat/
I never loved you - and you was of the same/
Kept the lie alive - but didn't cry when it died/
So in vein we breathed - a breath called deceit/
What was to become - of the way we lived/
No one would tell me - about the story now changed/
Being blind was a calling - you'd never catch me fallin'/
All in a days work - but overtime was a gift/
Invisible bars - was broken/
So i took was was given and didn't have to respond/
Left a cracked heart - at the dawn.

Things don't look the same/
But this paint brush still strokes pain/
And the canvas of now's already been tainted/
Scenery built with lies/
everything fades.

Verse 2:
I won't stand for it unfortunately you thought wrong/
Rightfully so, with no fruits to show/
With the song you sung, wasn't in my caliber of notes/
So how would you've known/
We one in the same and no one wins this game/
Points are not kept we keep names/
So is it the fame, we define ourselves, by?/
We in cells, buying up lies, recycling/
(x)time. to get a new life, now, is it./
That soon, already. i'm ready/
Pass that road -N- go to the next/
No rest is allowed, so we invest in goals/
From the 2nd glance on never look back/
You be a pillar a salt in a blaze of wind/
Blown away with no reconcileation of what just happened, i wish i was you for once/ Start asking before you step outta life, for once/
Didn't know what to say i wish you'd pray, for once/
Things look different when you're here/
I wish i woulda told you, i swear.

:: Chorus ::
things don't look the same / but this paint bush still strokes pain/ and the canvas of now's already been tainted / scenery built with lies / everything fades.