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Wordz - Independent Superstars
(from the album Symphony of the Spiritual Amnesty)
© copyright 2004

Verse 1:
Make the exclusive producing soul movements/
Keep my insides loose to make my life ellusive/
From satan's hands understand the demands/
Of overcoming every circumstance clasped in His hands/
I enhance with the ryhme designed/
To reach inside my soul and let you step into my mind/
To see graffiti on walls through mazes and halls that condems consumption from fast food and strip malls/
Listen-sit back-put down the six pack for a moment/
Study the ways of my movement/anylize every component/
Ya'll rental rappers/
I rent to own it/
Harness the wisdom of God/
Focus and hone it/
Took the spot and blown it/
Stop breath and meditate in every moment/
Your dj's just as guilty cause your wack and he condones it/
Think about it for a minute/
If the rap game was hard work, would you still be up in it?/
The test of a man's strength is his trial/
Got our children in denial thinking the key of life is found in 8 mile/
Hip hop floated in a basket down the nile/
Now the prophets come forth ready to tear down all of pharoah's courts/
Mission abort I rap to exhort and export radical views/
That will make you drop your newports/
Keep your mind open/
In the mean time I keep the rhyme smokin' and provokin'

Heed thyself and check who you are/
For the clubs the youth groups for the cats in the bars/
All planets in between bounce from earth to mars/
We make it ours all independent superstars

Verse 2:
Its interesting this industry's loosing interest/
To the finish my creativity starts to diminish/
From leagalist arts in the congregation/
The missions here and were sending missionaries to other nations/
And these big mouths talking filth to stand and judge me/
But when it comes time to battle/
Yall snap back like a bungee/
I'm from the Chi we get down and grungy/
from the north side to the south side/
One hundred and twenties/
I make your heart stop with a scratch and a hi hat/
This goes out to all hip hop heads honeys and fly cats/
You dig me like artifacts in your back yard/
And heres a big hug for all you rappers trying to act hard/
I'm not angry I'm just anointed/
And I speak for everyone who bought your album and was dissapointed/
call this constructive critisism/
If there was no critics in this world then we'd have a backwards system/
run by fools using intimidation as tools/
Now free speech is banned from our churches and schools/
I dive in pools of lyrics and wordplay/come to the surface/
and say what you wouldn't on your worse day/
I'm not bound by any mans opinion/
Except for the one who died and stopped my flesh from sinning/
Loosen my inhibitions expert at soul winning/
An emcee come fresher than this/ you must be kidding/
I'm at a place of freedom you can't have/
And the album you put out mine as well take that back to the lab/
And if you aint called I'll make you a believer/
You know what happened to them dudes and the sons of Sceva...