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New Breed - Verse of the City
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Macho
You thought you did but you don't know me/
I'm all cities inside your Sony/
The realest heads ain't no man phony/
I'm every man from every land in every jam/
I intend to drop bombs and succeed at every plan/
I'm that heavy handed hood up to no good/
I'm the smart quiet type of brother to start a riot/
I'm that lover boy playing R&B in his car/
The thugged out cellar dweller hell with being a star/
Man I'm that rich kid my moms a doctor dad's a lawyer/
Or the broke brother sold out ready to die for you/
I'm from the nines world wide always up in a cipher/
The hard core hustler twenty five to lifer/
The one who never once stepped foot in a church/
But met God then that was the end of my search/
I'm the kid with the black hoodie when you're walking to class/
Spitting lyrics in the air like I'm ready to blast/
Yo I'm the verse of the city the song of the hood/
I spoke the truth when nobody else would/
I rocked the shows when nobody else could/
The Breed ran spots most crews never stood

We go deeper then your eyes can see/
More than your average crew nah we're New Breed/
We're the verse of the city the song of the hood/
Try and step to us I wish y'all would/
We are too strong for your hands to hold/
Never switch even for a million records sold/
We're the verse of the city the song of the hood/
Try and step to us I wish y'all would

Verse 2:
I cry the tears one shed when their ain't strength left/
Sometimes I feel I'm in a dream but ain't slept yet/
And while I'm prayin just to make it to the next step/
These whack rappers talk trash, while they cash checks/
Man I know we all thought it before/
What would happen if I let truth walk out the door/
And speak garbage/
Instead of dwelling on the Awesome and Sovereign/
Guess I'm blessed or cursed/
Depending on which way you look at the verse/
Cause I see it from right to left and I read it from last to first/
Because everything in this kingdom is backwards/
Still out the air I extract words/
Never lack words for hypocrites and actors/
I master this art that we call our own/
I love being in a 360 all in a zone/
That's where I'm comfortable even though I'm far from home


Verse 3a: Elsie
We deserve a standing ovation/
For single handedly manhandling this whole nation/
Tunnel Rats demanding rotation/
Cause it's evident obvious y'all emcee's copy us/
But if it's God you trust then do what you've been told/
Cause I'm gon keep moving until I'm dead and gone/
Spitting lead in my songs/
Not concerned with what I earn/
No regrets can't forget the ones who said I was wrong

Verse 3b: Macho
I got blood in my vains and Dert in the track/
All I need to proceed is for this blood that I bleed to pump harder faster/
Adrenalin rush for this art that I master/
Make you want to take the Tunnel Vision off the rack/
Rip it out the wrapper rock the rhythm to the max/
And if in fact one of you cats/
Ever want to step in the game/
Never do it for the money or fame