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New Breed - Stop the Music
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

I hear the sound of a young nation
They lift their voices in frustration
Don't speak or think while your people sink into the boom
Of the drum or the barrel of a gun (STOP THE MUSIC) (2X)

Verse 1:
Leverage control sold sold for record gold
Death toll still soar but record labels want more
Hard core young life child wife and baby's father
Baby as a mother hit song still smother with gunfire
Run for your life take cover
Claim to love God but have hate for your brother
Homeless shameless uncontrolled untamed
John doe at cemetery shall remain un-named
Priceless righteousness shall remain un-claimed
Valley of the dry bones spiritually mundane
No fame fortune changing the misfortune
Born in "75" so missed the torchin and burnin
Virtuos women keep learning and growing
Pimps keep pimpin hoes hoing in America
Showin documentaries on thuggin
A generation expected to cease lovin
Drug and alcohol abuse is let loose
The spirit of a man cause decisions that he choose
Music - background pumps loud words spoken
Yo we don't need words when on thoughts choking
Charts smokin - all makin money havin parties
But yo shorty from 'round the way got shot
Stop the music


Verse 2:
Broken and busted how could you have trusted
So called saint after the flesh is what he lusted
In secret - open - after the scripture quotin
Wwas spotted at the party with bacardi herb smokin
Hypocrite backstabber backslider backbiter
Form of Godliness deny the power rap writer
We got a pimp - hooker- crack cocaine cooker
the industry that stole hip hop and then took her for themselves
And made sails by the billions while the children that they're building on
No understanding of what's real or wrong
Killers of praise from the mouths of babes
to the masters of slaves still locked in a cage
Listen everywhere I turn to the things that I see
There be signs that significantly seperate we
As a people from a God who is equal to none
The plan was to reunite the seperated through the Son
But my ears clogged - fears clog mind when my tears drop
Tears blur vision what I see make my heart throb
Heart stop beating to the rhythm that's playin
But it's playin so loud you can't hear what I'm sayin
Stop the music


Verse 3
If I gotta battle with the bass I kill the kick
If me and the snare got beef I shoot the drummer
If me and the sound man just can't agree
The system sound whack then I rap acappella
static air hand clap it just don't matter
When I speak the truth everything fake scatter
Days of the former won't be like the latter
Watch for false prophets and lips that flatter