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New Breed - Your Voice
(from the album Stop the Music)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Macho
Heat gets spit lips catch on fire/
Internationally I inspire/
Peasants sire's mc's choirs/
All inquire about God's empire/
My ability makes room while the speakers go boom/
Y'all tune to the station that caters to the nation of Hip Hop/
And I'm on it cause I want it/
While you iced out with diamonds/
I bring color to airwaves like an onyx/
With microscopic topics your mind blocked when I dropped it/
So you had to rewind and re rock it/
Couldn't get caught with natural optics/
So I made y'all close your eyes open your mind hoping you'll find/
The reason to my rhyme reading the seasons and signs/
In each letter- word- line- bar- verse- hook- song/
I take you through a path 24 years long/
Leaving legacies centuries after I'm gone

Yo I am your voice/
I think your thoughts/
I speak your words we are…./
I'm in your mind/
I write your rhymes/
And you write mine we are…./

Verse 2: Elsie
I'm the gift of rhythm/
The gift of rhyme/
For over twenty years I've been making tape decks rewind/
While I spit out the signs of the times/
You realize I'm the song of the streets/
The heart of this beat/
Through the tone of the drums you can hear my people speak/
Sometimes I catch heat/
Still I freak the blue steal/
Must tell the world what's real/
No need to hide how we feel/
Nothing concealed/
I use my voice to speak loud, tell stories, rock crowds/
I vowed to be free/
To speak for you and speak for me/
Life's poetry/
No definition holding me/
I'm the art of the city/
I could party or get gritty/
From Roxbury to Cali/
I got a 24track mind/
A system bumpin' loud my voice amplified/
Cd's and wax so I can speak world wide/
And a tape deck in the whip to enjoy the ride/
Enjoy the ride


Verse 3: New Breed
Yo I'm international/
Plus I'm into rational thought/
I bring the facts to your brain and interact with your heart/
From the light of the world to the dark part of the gutter/
You feel me in jazz, African drums capuetta/
From the start I been a part of the ghetto blood stream/
I'm the expression of a poet/
I'm every thug's dream/
I went commercial and hurt you on an industry level/
Now I'm gospel apostles tool to abuse the devil/
Here for ages just turn the pages of generations/
From pictures painted by Jesus to scrolls from the pen of David/
I'm an inspiration/
Challenge the thoughts of nations/
Down for the celebration and there through the frustration/
I'm an emotion, opinion I can't be wrong or right/
Could care less if I get spit from the lips of black or white/
Male or female free or slave Greek or Jew/
As long as it's kept true to who I am