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Vivid Curve - Blasting

here i come, blastin a rhyme bastion at yo philosophy hatchin
believin atheism to be mental treason, disease releasin
quit seekin security in the depravity of voluntary captivity
your increasingly idiotic idiosynchrasies, such as living by video memory
following only hollow physical eyes which issue visual lies to dismal abysmals who aint never gonna realize
the awesome ferocity of the prophecies validity fulfilled with voracious velocity...i seem to be a phenomenal prodigy
an inventive progenitor of many mental astronomers
mind bending since the beginning
creationist defending
you wannabe evolutionist revolutionary facing some definite infinite discipline
scoffing at us who believe in the empty sarcophagus
one day, the words "JESUS IS LORD!" will rise from your esophagus.

scientists of mediocrity hypocritically hypothesize that within me lies no relevant intelligence
i become a rare species because i make mockeries of impossibilities thru my theses
monotheist decrees aint received by the unbelieving who apparently incoherently grieve over me retrieving a repreive from the CREATOR
Who im relating relentless never retreating in a frenzy of Biblical reading
tellin stories about my Hero when big-egoed atheist zeroes begin to spin they lies and foolish schoolings
whats the latest ruling?
the big bang is when the pain of hell erupts in yo brain
i see you drowning in pounding acid rain, astounding flames, and torture from demons who know your first name
this is what you traded for a life of ignorance??
Heavenly severance, now your sentence leaves you up the creek like deliverance.