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Playdough - Freedom Fighters
(from the album Lonely Superstar)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Playdough
Freedom fighting keeps me writing with a vengeance/
Honest a doubting Thomas I promised my descendants/
That I'd call attendance deep inside the underground/
Where I've come to round up my posse, so take notes and watch me/
Serve them with this hip-hop fresh like a zip-lock/
Bag with the grip locked tight around the edge/
We pledge over the treble to peddle only the best/
Till my flesh cross both it's arms upon it's chest/
Till the wrong things chased erased/
Rhymes placed in the spirit with the lyrical seed/
Till all greed and lust is left hushed from knowledge we bust/
The spirit's imperial, material turn to dust/
I'm shedding light to the fact that wack is taking over/
Jehovah gave it to me so emcees take/
Claim thru strength in his name that's why I wrote you/
Time to unite and watch the subculture

Push on fighting for freedom/
Bare backing attacking your eardrum/
Poetic rock the sound soliloquy then march the infantry/
Right thru my enemy

Verse 2: Jurny Big
I fight for ya'll to write about how jurny big will fall/
Cuz a mound of gall is bound to lead me off the wall/
Still my call remains I stand as lightning of a man/
While so many flash in pans end up asking for hands out/
I stand out and take my talents where they need it/
Cuz the comfort of a pew just muffled up the beat it's so obvious/
I rain thru clouds that's ominous on parades of all the commoners/
So they ask who bomb is us/
I'm jurny big I blow the mic with just a touch/
Don't get respect I should cuz don't use Christ as a crutch/
Like some of ya'll who be caught rhyming on message boards/
It's a waste of average talent waste of time I can't afford/
I was repping for the Lord at open mics before ya'll were saved/
And fighting for the freedom so that ya'll could misbehave/
On a daily basis I gave and give it all I can/
And known to throw up dubs no matter where my feets land


Verse 3: Playdough
Looking around bound by sin knowing I been/
On the brink of eternal extinction changing up my thinking/
Following my ink pen till I found freedom/
Gagged and beat Him told Him I need Him/
But I've seen Him everyday, chose to look away leaving Him shunned/
Tied up and stunned till I'm under the gun/
Needing some peace, a glutton to feasting with the beast and his menu/
God open my eyes and continue to place/
Your love mercy and grace I'll run the race to win/
Cuz at the end I can see the victory that's picking me/
Sharpen and quicken me using the simile You've given me/
Used to spread mad light, and be a lamppost to the night/
When I write fighting the fight that's good/
Till Your understood show them You would/
If they could just accept and seek You out/
Then find You there knowing You care now show us the route to/