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Playdough - Soul Brothers
(from the album Lonely Superstar)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Playdough
Speaking conversation that I could place on the public/
Sit back and bubble it run with it till they loving it/
I make them covet it summon it just for some of it/
And push it till they screaming out for more, from my pores rush/
Oil, I bubble and boil under the soil making angels from a perched/
Gargoyle and spoil every plan man's trying to gain on his own merit/
I'll solemnly swear it's the same curse but I'll bear it on my/
Shoulder like a parrot where I'll wear it with pride/
The night I lost flesh, saw my earth's inheritance died/
Shriveled away but would else could I say I chose to stay/
Stacking things that ain't never going to pass away/
Breathing with life pumping out a heartbeat that's coherent/
And you can hear it in my spirit, but if not it's in the lyric/
My soul lives on, every part of me eternal harmony/
A spiritual song

You got a whole crew waiting to rush the console/
With some beats, turntables and some mic control/
MarsILL and Blanco we test them pronto/
If your spirit ain't living then you ain't got soul

Verse 2: manCHILD
I got soul deep down like the roots that hold the tree down/
Your inner man is disappointed like a prizefight that lasted 3 rounds/
We sound freedom bound leads soul life and new to dawn/
Daily operate the state of my body and soul/
And maybe take a 2nd look upon the Holy Book mistook for nothing major/
Looked upon the game is over see you later/
Cuz when the 3rd eye is suddenly opened up from being glued shut/
Your forced to any up for little or no fame you can't do nothing to stop it/
The light reflects off of your triple optics/
Put your quarter in the slot and throw your attitude in the closet/
I talk to modern day prophets change is constant I stay on it/
Bonding elements together forming collaborative effort compounds/
Yo calm down, to call the night a day seems optimistic/
But we did it to make your heart pump passion within the liquid/
So get with it activity cataclysmic from the gate/
Open, forward motion thru the unknown, follow the face of fate


Verse 3: Playdough
What you know about soul when your spiritual ain't in control/
You mix rhythm with a hole where the goal is life/
You think you're living but your every decision is/
Mixing kicks and snares, not knowing the/
Snare you're trapped in, tangled and wrapped in is tapped in/
To confusing and losing your focus/
So you're filling up the void that was spaced with intention to place/
The very Spirit of the Most High God while you waste/
Talents and calling by falling, appalling the maker/
That could take your gifts back, so you got to/
Lift that then rip that flesh that junk don't/
Mesh with the fresh God crest on the coat of arms/
Palms carrying psalms, they're asking for alms/
But such as I have I give unto thee, the blind see/
From this emcee's words speaking cures for hims and the hers/
Thinking they were accept debt was deferred.