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Raphi - Heatwave
(from the album CaliQuake)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1: Macho
A yo the road I travel/
Is full of hard times and hard rhymes/
Lost souls with strong minds/
Visionaries have gone blind/
Politicians that love crime/
Missionaries missed the warning signs/
On this road I travel/
I had the long nights with tears/
God whispered to me have no fear/
I'm perfecting the path, putting pieces of the puzzle together/
You and the rats won't struggle forever/
On this road I travel/
I heard the drums bang in the slums/
While the hustlers be bangin they guns/
And the poor, they just begging for crumbs/
Some preachers still begging for funds/
Outsiders catch a vibe when they come/
On this road I travel, mysteries unravel/
Cases get caught by the thunder of the judges gavel/
From nine months to nine years/
Sometimes my only peace is the pen and the poetry of my peers.

Yo it's like a heat wave/
Beats Blaze/
We write to the rhythm the street plays/
We told you pray for the morning, but you didn't heed the warning/
Yo it's like a sound storm/
Crowds swarm/
We got them worried from the bury to California /
Prayin for the morning, but you didn't heed the warning.

Verse 2: Raphi
They call me Raphi shock stopper. Lightning bolt blocker/
I'm a grown up. Blown up head bubble popper. Tightrope walker/
Not the typical belly flopper in a record pool/
I say, "Don't play doormat!"/
Get your back up off the floor and act like it's your crib/
Flip the script and steal the show. Grand theft ad lib/
I'm a hybrid wiz kid amid the greats/
Shoveling through record crates and I got what it takes/
Don't wanna babble. I want to be the one who educates with class/
Speak a lesson quick. Fast enough to give you whiplash/
You're still throwing out that lip trash?/
Now you're about to crash/
From cell blocks to bell rocks, my clientele jocks/
So ask any one of the many what they thought/
There will not be those who left untuned/
Some diss, some jock, some listen, some talk/
But all of them felt something about the groove/
That proves that I'm certified top notch/
A West sider knight writer/
I ain't a baywatch.


Verse 3: Macho
I write rhymes to the lights of the city while I'm floating down the freeway/
Inhaling dirt through my lungs push auto replay/
Words are coming at the speed of sound/
Cali quakes when Big Shame and this kid from New Breed's in town/
And the world feel the after shock for all them cats that forgot we make the planet rock/

It's lonely at the top that's why we came with the clan/
We knew from Tunnel Vision that we had the master plan/
It seems to me that a responsibility's on my back/
To bring back a respect for this art/
So we do it from the heart
That way, a light can shine/
Plus, I rhyme to find some kind of divine vent for my rage/
This cage-like white rage might seem suitable/
Heinous crime for a dangerous mind isn't do-able/
So kid, got a beautiful floweth over my cup/
From Mission Park to Cali /
Quakin' forever shakin' it up/