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Sev Statik - I Apologize
(from the album Speak Life)
© copyright 2002

(Sev's part only)

Verse 1:
I'll show up on ya block grippin' a microphone with promises
Nastradamus couldn't foretell - well enough to make clear
Reasons for insanity i hold dear
For keepsake so i can wake the world over kicks and snares
Prepare now for the outcome of pain in point blank code
No hidden words no lies or disguises in my flows
Low budget cuz that's all i know til i'm able to blow
The spot not with empty songs and colorful videos
Yo integrity is worth more - than a 50 thousand
Dollar advance and caravan for a 2 week tour
It all sounds really great - till they stop promotin' and
Believing in yall with 5 more albums to make
It somehow made sense - before you signed that dotted line
Thought you was gettin' over now you under contractual binds
Lookin' for a loophole cuz the loops got you in a hole
To them it's music stole now they all waitin' for they doe
So woe to those emcees with big dreams all they got is schemes
Up they sleeve's with a grip of hidden fees
They wanna squeeze the creativity from you and me
I shoulda warned you before you signed - my apologize.

i didn't know that you didn't know
the ledge like you should've known
i couldn't be there for you and i am sorry, i apologize

Vere 3:
I was raised on these streets of arbor hill - the lah born
Upstate NY - and we excersized the artforms
Of hip-hop in full force - from the start of a culture
Blocks was hot due to the uproks and needle pops
If any shootin' took place we was aiming at the breeze
Takin' titles and names not lives over break beats
And every mc out was dope - there was no underground
There was no mainstream - but a universal sound
Around all 360's adidas and pumas was like uniform
And mics was invisible - freestyle was the norm
And when we said word is bond it was real
If you was a fronton cat on the cardboard it was revealed
When lee patrol came thru you was guarding your patches
For any sleepin' cats —sscrecthcth - snatched it!
If you was wack in any way ya boys wouldn't hold back
It was a movement a love even white boys was pro black
But nowadays big business seems to be the theme
Money is a great tool but our downfall is the fire of GREED
We've seem to have lost our way from principles and honesty
I guess all things do change- my apologize.