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Sev Statik - MIC
(from the album Speak Life)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1:
If it's something new I got - then it's something new I rock
Keep it all in the family and then blow spots
So I share me wealth when it comes to the word
War of the worlds in my poor man's curve
Herbs are served not nothing new
Visions are blurred and I drop jewels
But some can't handle that it goes down
So they stay negative against new sounds
Pound for pound i'm bringin' it live
Deading your lies settin you up for your timely demise
And I got it all planned out
From the exact time to what route
I drop science for the cats who need
To stop the music like new breed
So we can hear clear the calling from most high
And that's how I get by.

I rock the M.I.C. for the world
blazin' new trails for us to set sail
it's the S.E.V. don't stop
so put ‘cha hands up it's about to get live

Verse 2:
And if the crown aint live yall know who to call
Hittem all Tunnel Rats came to brawl
Save the fall for the weak ones who can't hang on
We knocking'em off the wall
Been there too long with them lies
But time has come for us to globalize
Bring it to ya block bring it to ya tape deck
For the prayer for the love and the respect
And if my words aint blessed I don't say one
I know my flow, my voice and where they came from
It's not that hard to tell - what well we draw from
From the Lah Born - Albany NY
I speak life and I walk the walk
It's something that I love and it's all that i'm giving
Became up from a hustle and became a vision


Verse 3:
I'll never compromise the grip that I hold
Search for lost souls with this microphone
Sewin' seeds to bring forth good things
And lace every track i'm on that's for sure
Take my time to bring us all out the ghetto
Focus on movement til my heart settles
And let my thoughts have free reign in ciphers
Flyer than pamphlets causin' much damage
And rebuild from the rubble to the heavens
Set a higher mark in the right direction
And keep on steppin' keep ya holdin' ya own
Keep on reppin' and give God control
He never have us a task too big
He gave us the skills to complete the whole thing
So recognize your calling before you fall
Embrace His promise now don't wait til tomorrow.