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Vivid Curve - Camouflage

ay yo listen up once or twice
cause ima roll a few words like dice
this aint nice but it could save ya life
this is to the fakes claimin Christ
yo flesh is screamin like a demon while your spirit is too quiet to hear it
i was bought at a price, i guess you were rented
was your testimony invented?
cant you see Jesus's blood drippin everytime you start trippin?
can you hear him cryin on the cross everytime you act like you're still lost?
you know who you are, nobody gotta call names
this aint no game
your Bible's cover's always folded, daily bread's always moldy, Christian walk was a goody, but a oldy
lets be real cause we all sisters and brothers
show yo true colors
is your holiness a mirage?
i wanna see you with no camoflauge.

stalkin around talkin loud
concealed by a shroud
should be set apart like the parentheses of theses taught in colleges
instead, satan gave you philosophies like a philanthropist convinced of his mortality
archeologists found the remains of your morality
now your fake like astrology
divided like geometry
from me, there's no apology
for livin for the Creator of the astronomy
your residence is babylon, symbolically
I'm bombin rhymes biologically
Scripture rips your demonic sentries logic automatically
your either not hearin God, or He's comin in staticky
i hope this affects you drastically
trying to attack your synthetic plasticity
somehow, someway snap your elasticy
recognize His majesty
i call your fall a tragedy
devils got you, what a travesty
revealin mysteries to make your camoflauge history.