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DeepSpace5 - Winter In Manhattan
(from the album The Night We Called It a Day)
© copyright 2001

Verse 1: Sintax
The cloud heaved its chest to breathe the breath of God for heaven's sake
Freeze the crystal face of Yahweh on a sheet of liquid space
So no man could duplicate or counterfeit His handiwork
Press the palm print of the universe on snowflakes to disperse
They descended upon the earth blessed with reckless abandon
Fully landed, intercepted by a curse so underhanded
Now they're stranded on an island strip in the Atlantic
Manhattan hides a mayhem in a mask of winter magic
Snowing in Manhattan like your dreams, it never happened
Crashing to the earth because nobody strapped them in
Lashing out and splashing wisdom in your face to wake you up
Jehovah's living water, but you got a broken cup
And you filled it up with Latte and you're sitting at a Starbucks
Purchase peace of mind, but can't spare poverty a dime
Blind believer; snow falling on the cedars
A blanket of blessing is the cloak of the deceiver
Got you fitted for a failure that he measured by the meter
Draped in comfort's cape, so you got nothing left to fear
Except the fear of no escape and the fate to which you're born
A grate on 38 th street in hopes to keep you warm
Whether or not you survive the storm doesn't really factor in
If you thought you'd last the winter, then you'd better think again
The world would sell you water, steal a quarter from a friend
You better think again, you better think again.

Hook - Dust on the cuts --

Verse 2: Freddie Bruno
I keep it ill and rebuild a monolith up to the cosmos
Plant spirals on the tip as a landmark for all coasts
Take life as a package deal and wander aimlessly
A zombie wearing a smile is what I came to be
Took the glitterous gold and made a tithe on Sunday
I got it back tenfold disguised as wordplay
Now I'm rapping through a winter in Manhattan for the listener
Heal sheets with blue stripes like I'm your local practitioner

Verse 3: Listener
So, heal this wanderer standing on this sidewalk lonely
Turning my face to the side, sighing to watch my breath
Exhale in the air. Swallowing to keep from crying
Watching people, thinking that all my life I wasn't even trying
Cold hearted winter receiving no token warmth for my dying
This cancer of regret has got my voice locked in my throat
Stepping off the curb in Central Park and observing
Non-participant of happiness, I know
That it's my fault and I've kept myself locked in my prison diseased
Pleased at the time of my sedentary nature
And now consciously merge my life with the fallen leaves.

Hook - (Dust on the cuts) --

Verse 4: Sev Statik
I'm work for hire which means I ain't seen a dime for my rhymes
But I ignore the business side and dollar signs
I just write what's inside for you folks outside
I gotta follow my calling and swallow my pride
You might see DS5 in some dope magazine ads
Like Stress and XXL to promote record sales
Cash rules everything around these labels
And how they make decisions, how they be painting a picture
Larger than life, even larger than Christ, I ain't kidding
You think it matters the company, secular or Christian?
Think again my friend, we've all been deceived
The bottom line is money green with the idea of ministry
It's history; Christian acts carbon copy worldly cats
From the sound they create to the image they attach
I ain't saying no names because the truth could get me blackballed
But it's ungodly to be faking and bite off of Biggie Smalls.

The world would sell you water, take a quarter from a friend
You better think again, you better think again
You better think again, you better think again
You better think again, you better think again.

Hook x 2 - (Dust on the cuts) --