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Tunnel Rats - You Don't Want That
(from the album Underground Rise)
© copyright 2003

(features manCHILD and Playdough from DeepSpace5)

Verse 1: manCHILD
A king with a full house leaving new jacks on 4th street/
Fork meets, lanes merge, we all swerve together/
Blur the class division prison that we live in everyday/
Give the children something different cuz they listen when we pray/
And they see the contradiction, what we do and what we say/
It was written in traditin that the Risen paved the way/
Vision grips the dusty path and inhibitions fade away/
We hit the bricks and war attrition/
Change the world from where we stay/
Hum the tune of records playing through the windows of our speech/
Of conversations that we tune out when we're just too tired to speak/
And it's too hard to reach the top from back-floor positioning/
Gave a bum on the corner the quarter that i was wishing with/
Not sure what the mission is, the lights are barely flickering/
Don't ask me how i feel, cuz it's none of your blessed business/
We're part of a nation rhythmless that beats the hearts of immigrants/
Corrupt as this system is, we hold on til the bitter end/
Condition minute men to eat their words, conceal the evidence/
Convinced it's for the betterment of every friend (so let's begin)/
The silent speech is eloquent, as profound as it's ever been/
So why's he still feel like he might never win? (the treasure's his)/
Profiled as a terrorist is he disagrees with these method men/
As he speaks with the very lips that death has kissed.
hey bro. also, as far as how you list me, it's:
manCHILD from Mars ILL-- Atlanta
thanks. get at me whenever.

Hook :
If you feeliní it, scream when you see us rock a show
You a hip hop fiend? Get loud make it known
Donít front. Give it up.
Show love, get buck, or weíll turn it up a notch
And you donít want that
Just ScreamÖ(x2)

Verse 2: Playdough
This is for the underdeveloped I envelop the beat breaks/
till Iím swimming in keepsakes that's worth more pape/
than Donald trump could scrape together on his best day/
rocking the fresh way the rest lay in awe/
missing their call and i don't mean no disrespect/
but dang eject knows your crew on a first name basis/
pointing out their faces that's why your demo accidentally erases/
just in case it's another case of the ghost in the machine/
keeping rap clean so thank you- making my tape do/
something they could relate to dig in their crate/
to roller skate or player hate to, because they hate to/
give up their image knowing the world pillage/
take a pilgrimage to catch the ill scrimmage/
with the villager's best no contest/
Iíll take them 6 days straight and on the 7th Iíll rest.


Verse 3: Jurny
I write rhymes on skylines accented with stars/
And like grains of sand I'm reaching infinite bars/
Get heated in rap spars the sun is permanent proof/
Deep yet over your head like the firmament roof/
My slang bend a phrase on a clean page/
No stoppin the line lane hoppin I'm engaged in/
No sayin when's the end I'm still Oak in the brain/
Like I'm 13 again battlin to retain my name/
I'm a stick these playas who claim the game done changed/
And paint a picture to blow them all out the frame/
In a random ramblin scrabble type mode/
I'll parade in Nazi soldier mode/
And unload a lip clip to eclipse your spotlight/
Till you all left with thinkin I'm not right/
At a high level of fresh, not knowin who can handle/
I'm pullin cards you know the deal I bet you wont gamble.