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LPG - First To Fight
(from the album Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Jurny
I run through cats with straight talk and crooked slang
And bang out hits on 16 bars I'm quick to hang
And quick to ink up what I think of with pen and pad
And tattooin and ruin yall rookies till you end up plaid
I catch cats slippin and throw hands that stick to cheeks
And I been turned the other but I'm too weak to repeat
I leak wisdom and peak over fences of present tenses
To peep my future wins and true to the word within
And neverendin circle of friends who seem right like
They up for whatever and been down since I been tight
But when limelight dims I still sing hymns wit the winds
While yall blown outta proportion on Billboardin top ten
I'm still sportin pimp limpin since I race through Shadow Oak lane
When me and Skip Loc was stealin smoke from Duane's room
I bloom lovely and plant the seed of good news
And I'm first in the fight and I got the bruise to prove

Though lessons learned I've yet to turn in mics
While questions burn im set to earn my stripes
And yes it hurts but blessed or curse I might just
Get the worse cause I'll be 1 st to fight

Verse 2: Sev Statik
From the start of all my illustrations I co- exist in two worlds to make ends meet
Increased over peace to be a rhyme piece and bring a global change for a dollar
and a dream but subtract all the fame I don't need that attention.
I breathe my deceintion from the ranks of topic lungs to exhale all bottomless mention.
Lest my mortal cause for that mission, I been conditioned for all terrain its, all for gain
But read from a different page I was born free but turned to a slave
And the sessions I be in begin wit hard stares
Open up the book of love and everybody is scared
Nowhere will you find my time in broken pieces
I took a journey and theory to know Jesus
For all the right reasons and took a debt and
Paid it couldn't understand a word so I learned a new Language
Transform the mind
With a new design
Follow your spirit and watch yourself die


Verse 3: Dax
was it medication or mediation
figure with my addition to friction its must be the later
ive been sick wit it that what I was told
or was it a drug induced dream of a long road
was it seed I sold or was it only patches
over holes on an old dress code
and do I have any records sold and if so where did the money
go and how come no one know it aint happening again
I cant tell what the deal I feel like God use me
Didn't sell and that's real I wonder did god choose me
Is this really happening am I still rapping
still fighting the same thang I was fighting when I was 15
writing the same songs bout the game still anti fame
still taking bout coming off the brain
or am I a broke rule breaker
title taker provoke to a choke hold mc for common folk
a paper patriot of passion and production
a classic collage of concentrated combustion
im a breeze whistling melodies
telling stories bout storms raining down on mcs
and please don't think cuz I have questions im a weak man
I stood alone and ill do it again
I don't fear tomorrow tomorrow fears me
Fears my vision fears my family
The suns afraid to rise for fear of what I'll do today
Fear of what I'll say scared I'll outshine
I'm starting to remember why I 1 st began
Holding future in my left and title in right hand
Letting cats know they can teaching rats to be the man
Woman stand on they own and focus on the plan
Never quitting till gold getting 1 st in this race
Stay hitting and keep fit cause we at a fast pace
Got know time for the lace be patient in your haste
And I pray nobody mess with you cause I swear I'll catch a case
Come on