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Vivid Curve - The Cure

news helicopters hovering above me, there's been a late discovery
panic running rampant from the jail to the nunnery, across the whole country
aliens and earthlings have made contact, iris to iris
they tell us right away that they possess a deadly virus
if we don't surrender in a week, they gonna fry us
now the search is on for a way out
top secret military meeting, civilians stay out
how's it gonna play out
governments and so-called heavensent preachers getting frantic
telegraphs flying across pacific and atlantic
this is gigantic
what's the fate of the planet
worldwide, armies are mobile but resistance is futile
existing is becoming brutal
the effects are beginning
heads are spinning
we gotta find an antidote, is it too late, is there hope
end of the rope
secret committee of doctors having no success
we confess its hopeless
wait, our stance is that we have one last chance
we need a volunteer with perfect genetics, dna, and blood cells
we got a candidate who can save us from hell
extract his life through a operation called a time-shell
what the outcome will be, only time tells
so much paranoia the human mind swells
now an elite fleet of doctors with the highest degrees
equipped with brain scanners and virtual reality
slightest slip-up is a universal fatality
the feeling of total mortality hangs in the air
the huddle of technosurgeons has terror in their stares
the man is laid on the cold table
heartbeat is stable
place probes on his head, chest, and navel
doctors nerves jangled like a china shop with a bull
right on the dotted line is where we enter the skull
check the oxygen tank, its still almost full
no push and pull, this is a gentle procedure
pale fluid running through a catheter
hook his brain to the system, watch the meter
the room is dead quiet
now we ready, we gonna try it
take a deep breath
time to fight for what's left
of us
the ready alert on the machine buzzes
the sequence is typed in
the frequency piped in to the world via satellite
chaos reaches its height
its time to push the button, do or die
cross your fingers, this is it for you and i
doctors finger lingers over the panel
his every motion recorded into the annals
finally he pushes the button
for a couple minutes everybody on earth sees nuthin
then suddenly the darkness ceases
the disease splits into pieces
the madness releases its captives
the invaders were conquered by their own tactics
proudly we stand
now one thing left to complete the plan
circulate the cure worldwide to every man
this one man's death gave life and liberty combined
a single sacrifice saved all of mankind
the plague was poured and absorbed
but he is the cure.