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Cross Movement - Times Table
(from the album Holy Culture)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1:
As time stretches, sketches of a blood drenched cross
flood my thoughts, my heart feels pain for the lost
They remain their own boss play but the games' lost
Not just anyone can hang to pay what it cost
Unblemished, arms stretched from East to West,
said, "It's finished!" Sin got rocked when love stepped in it
Christ got pound in town center like it was Greenwich
now my ex-girl, the world, only wants to chase spinach
And keep her rims spinning yeah they shining but listen
Hun, we're dinin' with death just as long as we livin'
Contradiction? I think not, the bible's non-fiction,
and life is but a vapor wiped away with omniscience
What will your answer be to the GOD who's risen with all power
Your hour is coming, trust you won't miss it
or better yet it won't miss you, I promise my GOD is the bombest
what He say's comes true, and he said through men with pens
that if I believe in the son Jesus Christ I [can] get back to Him,
through one man came sin the other came life
the first man was Adam the last man was Christ!

One planet, one race, one life, one cross
One sin, one end, 'cause Man was lost
One Father, one Son, One Spirit
And all men must come through Him
'cause that's what it cost!

Repeat Hook

Verse 2:
You'll be judged like Ito, the light or the heat, yo
Despite what you think, to Christ there's no equal
Choose eternal life or crash and burn like Knievel
They all fall down when to ball is the steelo
He'll be back will you leave as one of His people
Or be stuck 'cause you tried to push
a camel through a needle
I can't imagine what had to happen
a Father turns his back on his Son
let him take the wrath then smash Him
His life laid down equals love everlasting
I'm hype on grace now it far exceeds cheddar stackin'
I've got better backing from a smaller label
my stomach is full, I don't eat from the King's table

Repeat Hook