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Cross Movement - Live It
(from the album Holy Culture)
© copyright 2003

Life is hard enough with people dyin' round you everyday
You don't want to die, but you know you gonna do it anyway
But there's another life after this one that's given if you wanna
live it, live It, live it, live it, live it, live it, live it, live it!
Struggle will make a man do what he wouldn't do naturally
But there's a natural struggle inside that will bring catastrophe
But there's a cure, but only for those that are with it, you better come
get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it!

Verse 1:
If you're living, choose life, if you're driven, choose right
Yo, you'll will never find light, if you walk by sight. Feel me?
It's a faith walk, cut the small talk, even Superman gotta take his cape off
when he's touched by the immaculate, Emmanuel,
who looks to put you back in style like Gel
But you don't want style,
you want to live the never-ending life a super Ghetto Star Child
But don't we all wanna flaunt it?
Don't it feel good to have people up on it?
But ain't it all false, ain't it all fraud?
Ain't the way that leads down to destruction real broad?
Or was that just hype, is truth optional?
Is God just another all day pop-cycle?
A sucker with a lot of profound speech
without enough skill to make it mean something in the streets?
Can the baller just take it or leave it?
Can the honey say "Yo, I'm telling you, he don't mean it?"
Well that's life's dilemma, everybody gotta admit it
but when you choose, you locked in it to live it
What you do in this life is what's gonna matter
So take time, get it right, baby!

Repeat Hook

Verse 2:
I pray I got the right rhyme
to stop any more poison from coming thru your pipeline
something to restore you to your right mind
I'm trying to put Jesus on the mainline
You circled the Ave like a vulture
studied the science of street horticulture
got a green thumb, when it comes to the art of making
fillable, smokable, cigar paper mâché-type sculptures
In the bing, you know how to handle the C.O.
when you get out, how to run game on your P.O.
when the block's hot, how to call a T.O.
but you need to know a story
similar to Morpheus and Neo
But ain't no time to play tricks in the Matrix
Real life cost more than your matinee flicks
Neo died, came back with all power in their message
but it's movie, and you don't have to accept it
But when the Truth comes back, on the day of the blessed,
Every knee gonna bow and every tongue confess it
and when we bounce, you can only take what you came with
in heaven, all that bling around your neck is just pavement
streets of gold don't let dubs roll on them
Why would I need Bentley, when I'ma fly Whoadie?
Besides this ain't Dolomite meets the Divine
What you thought it was Superfly meets the Sublime?
And nah, heaven ain't got no Ghetto, no gun, no stiletto
If I'm lying call me the son of Jepetto
But if I'm saying what the truth says, and you get it,
God is locking men down, to eternally live it

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Hook