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Fya - Why BusyR?
(from the album Why?)
© copyright 2004

Why did you ban me, Busy? Man. That's messed up
Do you fear that maybe I'm the cat Mcee alive can touch
I swear I didnt do anything wrong, Nothing but help this site out
I had everyone in Atmore reading my sh*t, no doupt
The competition's hearing rumors about X getting banned is just dawging you man
Let me display my skills once more that's all I ask
Allow me to find a emcee on this site to harass
I'm about to get a deal with Universal
What? You dont like my words, I will no longer cusre, dude
Five minutes from now I'll be famous, believe I'm right
If I blow then you can show you had me on this site
Think about all the props and all the praise
This is a great website, the best these days
So whats the deal, are you gonna let me back and be hiphops source
Or are you gonna be responsible for knocking hiphop off it's course

Dude, I'm not intrested in getting praise that some famous rapper came bragging and boasting on my board... What I AM intrested in is some famous rapper (or some local wannabe-emcee, for my part) came to my board and see that there IS a difference, and he's gonna make that difference...

Why you got banned? I've no idea, that stuff goes fully automated.. a few rhymes with enough curses and you're fried...

God bless!