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Liphe - God's Fight
(from the album My Pride)
© copyright 2004

Reasons why I gots to fight/
It's my pride, my joy, my pain and sacrifice/
Reasons why I gots to fight/
I fight for my life and do it every day and night.

Verse 1: Soldier the Brainchyld
I’m the new revolution backed by Christ the true solution/
I speak for life in each and every verse to keep your life steady moving/
The spiritual lyricist equipped to carry a vision to reach people with this/
We spit a force in the form of song to make sure your hearing this/
I bring life to a page like Christ brings life to the lost/
Could never live by bread alone so I keep my focus on the cross/
I got food for thought in my fist to touch the minds of people with this type of legacy/
Never sell my soul to the world (why) cuz you can’t put a price on integrity/
I search for wisdom in the Scriptures to find Divine truth so I can speak life/
Follow the Most High cuz He gave His life so we can reach Christ/
I hold on to my dreams to spit a message to let this rhyme cap(ture) you/
Take time to understand what’s real and let the rest simply pass through/
I stay focused on the Word to make Christ the Lord of each rhyme/
Recite verses of wisdom to speak the truth to people so I can reach your mind/
I zone out on mics to build this type of peace with my Christian faith/
And make my words my music so you feel the wisdom that my heart truly creates.


Verse 2: Tech Omega
Ayo. I transpire ghost as my empire blows/
Write light inside of my flows/
My pride resides my fires conspire right by inside of my soul/
Shoot dice bass rolling/
As I see the case I see the hate blowing/
I still make the straight flowing/
But y’all haters make a date to bust open/
Like using a fake Trojan/
Christ has influenced my life from the wrong to the right/
From the song to the mic, from the dawn to the light/
Heads use to shoot crabs and roll dice/
Me I made a sacrifice to stand up son I gotta make that fight/
Never need a gun to speak my mind/
Kept it real with a beat and a rhyme/
Soldier, Tech we about to leap the shine/
Tap to the beat with your feet this time/
Young queens words really do move me/
There’s more to life than hittin the cuchie/
Or strippin in this trashy movie/
The life we set y’all know we about inner beauty.


Verse 3a: Soldier the Brainchyld
I move at a speed so dedicated/
Hold onto dreams like those who got assassinated/
My words speak to a world of blacks who never made it/
And I thirst for knowledge cause I’m hungry to taste it/
I’m the spiritual lyricist here to state the facts/
Compose thoughts like a musician to put the soul back/
Me I give it my all son I never hold back/
And put my fist up to what’s real so you know that…

Verse 3b: Tech Omega
We’re hitting with the truth while most lie/
We got the flow from the soul high/
Fighting for the dreams never let the chance go by/
Eternally Christ washes my sins so my body won’t go dry/
The spiritual lyricist and the tech (what)/
Got the ill flows and the respect (what)/
Puttin’ raps past guns and ice and sex (what)/
Y’all know when it comes to music son we got the next.