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T-Bone - Straighten it Out

Chorus: Lets straighten it out (from the East/West North/South side)

Lets straighten out all this black on black, brown on brown in
every town. Because I'm sick of seein' my peopls kids just
scattered all over the ground. Senseless murders occur, every
single day so put the gun away because I want to live to see
another day. A happy day where theres peace between nations, love
within races, and no division in our congregations. No more
pimps, and drug dealers on every corner. Or homeless people
strugglin' wit' no home freezin'beggin' for quarters. I'm talkin'
about a world of peace. With no more closed casket funerals like
most of my homiez that have been deceased. No more murders,
diseases, or suicides. Its time we all wake up and wipe the mucos
from our sleepy eyes. And straighten things out like a ruler, cuz
now a days. The concrete jungle full of hate killers and
runaways. I'm sick of it so I be the first brother to shout. Lets
straighten it out cuz together we can work it out.

I wish sombody would tell me why we can't just straighten out all
this mess. Sometimes I think our flag should be a bullet proof
vest. Got all these homiez claiming South side West side, East
side North side Asian black and brown pride. It seems that theres
no mo' hope my own people sell me da' guns and try to push me da'
dope. I can't cope, but I gotta (Why?). Because I'm sick of all
the shots ringin' from the 64 Impalas. Remember when we was
familia? When we could kick it and not worry about yo' own kind
killin' ya'? Seems all we care about is money and pain drugs in
da' gang. Its killin' me softly like Loren from the Fu-Gees sang.
(Man...) Whats it gonna take for us to grow up? Before love is
the only gang sign we throw up? Cuz all our peoples headin'
straight for the morgue unless we put down our guns and start to
trust in the Lord.

I wonder what could make a man, hit a woman, with a furious hand.
Somebody tell me because I just don't seem to understand. And
then we wonder why our kids is bangin' when at at home, it seems
they parents is the ones givin' they kids the training. Beatin'em
down, wit' yo' fist and a buckle of a belt. To Proud? to accept
that you that you needed some serious help. So you kept strikin'
like thirsty bats straight out of hell, but what you doin's
wrong. Stop and listen to my song. It breaks my heart in two when
I see the things you put them through. Why do you do all the
harmful things that you do? Spiritually blinded with deceivin'
rags on both yo' eyes. Not knowin' you was led by demons when you
made them cry. But you didn't quit 'til they finally ran away
from home. Then yo' wife left you too and now you sad and all
alone. Just thinkin' about everything yo' family could have been.
So now you squeezin' tha' trigger ta' leave this life of sin.