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LPG - Liquid
(from the album Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1
I had to shut my eyes and search in the silence
For the once rushing river of words that used to flow rapid
Instead I found puddles that only sprinkle a page
When I'm used to touching a mic and drenching a stage
There used to be a natural spring here I swear it
Liquefied emotion as deep as the ocean
With enough freshness for the world to drink and then some
Enough to quench the thirst if generations to come
Man did it run dry ive searched all around
To my left ly right I looked up and
Wait raph give a shovel im going to start digging
I figure its not lost maybe its just hidden
At the 1ft mark I started feeling the spark
At 2 ft deep I started hearing the beat
And by the time I got to 3 I knew I was about to be free
And when I got to 4 I couldn't fell fatigue no more
And I came to 5 and started feeling alive
And at 6 I started hearing them do dj tricks
And at 7 I swore I heard them laughing in heaven
And at 8 I could smell the cans of krylon paint
And at 9 it started felling like it was old times
At 10i knew that I had finally reached the end
I had to retap the heart replenish the art
Rehydrate the body and the 1 st thing I did was rock a party
I could feel it it was free flowing again
The damn had been broken to never hold me again
Never slow me again
Now I'm going to rain down on the hole earth
and take ya'll back to Noah again
so consider yourself warned better build yourself a boat
cuz I'm flooding the hole planet with the songs that I wrote
its liquid


Verse 2
I cause waves to crash land on land for sure
Trying to wash away this dry spell hip hop been in for
Quite some time but it seems the tears of true heads keep falling
When they cry for real lyrics what they get is mc's ballin
Claimin they reign supreme but it must be in they dreams
Cuz only puddles of mediocrity they leave upon the scene
And if prisoners of radio could get out on parole
They'd see the airwaves packed and stacked with styles stole
Told by some cat whose on video playing dress up
Cuz the label said to memorize some demo and he said yessa
Masta but watch me slap the ceremony out they masta
Half a mc is half a man and half a man has to have a micless hand
And a micless stand
Scratched the dj out your cut and replaced it with a band
Through about 15 years span I been able to spread my wings
Went from unsigned to signed my soul while angels sing
On dotted line while yall tried to back into a spine
But couldn't gain no common sense if I had fronted you a dime
The rhymes I kick make the blind watch they step
See me runnin through your dreams while you claim you still ain't slept
I'll make sure your quiets kept even if I lose my voice
And find the words to rip in sign language this way you'd have no choice
But to feel me we still be battle rappin till the night
Falls heavy on the sun and it submerge way outta sight
I suppose when it comes to foes we got a one track mind
Like all we need is one track to run fools out in record time
Stayin unsigned is like writing without barging into the margin
The bigger your skills only then your name enlarge
I find when I get lost in beats I'm left with writing up a storm
Drowning pads clothed in ink and bus with no fare warn
Till it come up morn I dew what many mic knights can't see
Insight my wind pipe to lay the wack down in a breeze
And come up rose trees for sheez with my coast on pacific seas
And my tunnel rat geez its West Covina on these