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LPG - Place Called Hiphop
(from the album Gadfly)
© copyright 2003

Verse 1: Dax
It used to be a place where freestyle was the norm
And the flash of mic clash was the lightening to the storm
And the heat from the friction keep us all warm
And we stayed unified with one love for the art form
It used to be a time where rhyme was the language
Spoken only by the native to this music
And it used to be a crime to bite someone else's line
Now you find the just take it and they use it
This place I didn't choose it and i've always none we lose it
But I just can't believe it's finally here
It's the demise of a culture the rise of a career
Built on the backs of a generations fear
Of tomorrow
Scared to question the unknown so they follow
We are the last of a pure breed in a culture of clones

It used to be a place called hiphop
Whatever happened to that place called hiphop
I never saw you in that place called hiphop
So the lies that you speak need to stop

Verse 2: Jurny Big
It used to be a place without bandaids on the faces
And thugged out voices runnin through r and b places
And broads in videos showin more body than brains
Translatin to record sales and you can't complain
But I can cuz when I met hip hop I fell in love
Not that one night love forgot the name when you wake up
You speakin of and you bring up kids who thinking that
As long as they chain is fat and platinum they can rap
And it used to be a place where the style you had was yours
Not some formula for record stores where sales soarin
Cuz it's borin now awadays everybody sound alike
And I would name names but yall got such bad aims
And if you paid more attention to your skills instead of game
You'd probably get more respect from the hood in which you came from
And don't play dumb I know what them real heads think
They be in your videos and go to the shows for free drinks


Verse 3a: Jurny Big
I wonder how some of yall have nerve to wake up
And take up mic's like you ain't fake I break up
Speakers on radios after hearin yall cats flow
Soundin like you R and b and nobody let you know
But I ain't letting that go no longer I'm card pullin
I'm hard fool and my guard ain't fallin I'm callin yall out
It's bout time you got played by true playas
Since day one real rhyme sayas and dues payas

Verse 3b: Dax
Its been preordained i guess I shouldn't complain
Nothing stays the same all things must change
I've seen them bang on streets and bang on beats
Chilled with heads in every state and keep a record on blue lined streets
While you were dreaming about the mic hoping to get put on
I rock shows where they new every lyric to every song
And I've seen every right and done every wrong
I new it couldn't last but I cant believe that its gone