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Playdough - Seeds of Abraham
(from the album Lonely Superstar)
© copyright 2002

All the seeds of Abraham stepping into the jam
Pump your fist and enlist with the Great I Am
We came to rock these hands up high and defy
Some gravity we casually infiltrating your high fi
Seeds of Abraham up in the jam
Pump your fist like you can't resist the program
While we rock these hands up high and defy
Some gravity we casually infiltrating your high fi

Verse 1:
We infiltrating casually causing some casualty it had to be/
A principality trying to battle me it rattled me not/
I got too much soul plus control of this/
Mic device I'm leaving sliced from the Spirit within/
That sin ain't never crossed it lost back in the day/
While it's testing I'm blessing the word play/
Stay tight like lasso Pablo Picasso/
Bringing art thru a poem canvas metronome/
My home page is locked up in a spiral/
I rival with words of enemies from Most High/
We try to lock up destiny on top of this microphone/
Waiting till the day my crew blows up like firestone/
On an SUV cuz when I bless you'll be/
Inside a state of shock cuz how I rock the SMPTE/
With tones for time codes and modes on full force/
I'm living narrowly righteousness the course.


Verse 2:
They wanted truth dropped in the booth they wanted proof/
That the resurrected risen Son is busy giving one, two, threes/
When I'm checking degrees my mic burn/
It was red hot after it got to my turn/
Watch the world turn never concerned with what it offer me/
Watch it confound the wise so they could scoff at me/
Their righteousness for self tells me they're wack/
Plus they jack four minutes I ain't never getting back/
Yet the fact remains I'm busy smacking names/
And taking aim at a market that's black, jargon attack/
The white sheets I fight beats bare knuckling chuckling/
At all it's weakness, speak this poem/
So heads could freely roam like a cellular phone I've known/
Many a man doing wrong in a song so the gong rings/
Sings vibrato in staccato, till exit stage left is their unofficial motto.