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Sev Statik - MEDS
(from the album Speak Life)
© copyright 2002

Verse 1:
I'm a man of my word til i croak written or spoken/
My thoughts hurt holdin' secrets you couldn't see clear/
So I wrote what was meant to be heard/
Ressurrect that blessing bestowed upon me to serve/
"None righteous" i've been purged in the fire stood my test of time/
Rain or shine - first to rise and greet the risen Son crucified/
For all man kind who- walk - talk - and live blind/
Faith is violent - right now i'm prepared to die/
Some cats utter words - with no real taste/
But my plate is food for thought the only dish i know to make/
So i steak my claim reign supreme in this hell hole/
The fellowship i'm seekin is in the body of Christ or open mics/
Sucka please, I burn the invite to devil's den/
Descend with a fleet of angels to defend God's cause/
So you cringe at the mere site n sound of things lived for/
But i pray for more visions to explore/
Y'all can't really understand where i'm at until called/
So that's why we sometimes fall/
Truth cant be broken when we need a fix/
Must be swallowed whole to heal the sick.

I been sent to set apart lies from the truth reality's been blurred/
While infected over loops there's hurt before the healing/
And wreck before the rescue/
Dirt before the cleansing and dark before the view

Verse 2:
I see everything around me is dieng to the point of extinction/
I gave yall time to heal but yall have no pateince/
I'm doctoring up open wounds without the right tools/
My visual is blurred but rest assured/
I keep a steady flow of jewlz via the mic cord/
Like and IV stuck to ya arm to straight warn.../
Off potential germs i'm concerned for the heads/
Who fought for this war and mentally lost the will to return/
So i'm taking up they cause like a bro would in a minute/
But i too am gettin' sick of these wack mcs and they 12"/
Spreading a disease to a nation blind whether on line/
Or off they all sitting on dr kavorkians time/
I'm writing up prescriptions for all yall to recieve/
I've paid my dues with no copay today it's free/
And if taken correctly things will be back to the norm/
Where hip-hop was always dope and love made a cypher form/
I'm from the born so i speak life before i write/
Incite a riot in ya mind to change ill times/
Gotta eat fresh ideas in healthy portions/
Take these 2 verses and like call me in the morning.