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Braille - Right This Moment
(from the album Shades Of Grey)
© copyright 2004, Written by Braille. Beat by DJ Kno

Right this moment, yo weíre running out of time
weíll see if I get to finish this rhyme
Life on earth is cursed, the curtain closes, eyes open
searching for peace in final moments, playing the game till itís over
perfect strangers, perfection isnít obtained by
momentary gain or, voluntary pain
martyr your heart condition, sacrifice all your possessions
itís burning up in flames with violent aggression causing depression
Right this moment a women gets raped, thereís no escape
the flesh flashed in his face fed his rage
on every tv station and magazine page
we keep falling (to temptation) cause this is how weíre raised
I donít expect every line to make sense at first mention
thatís why with this album I recommend repeated listens
my flow isnít the illest, my content isnít the sickest
these visions are to specific, Iím bringing you something different

Right this Moment, whatís going on?
step outside, turn on your tv, turn on the radio
blaow, coming through your speaker right now
music is more then just a style
Right this Moment, whatís going on?
step outside, turn on your tv, turn on your radio
blaow, coming through your speaker worldwide
to many shades of grey, time to make it black and white

Right this moment, another rapper gets shot
youíd act surprised, but thereís something you forgot
we reap what we sew, each lyric is a seed
guns ainít killing rock stars, they only murder mcs
many lives lost, stolen by bullets blasted out chambers
a clear and present danger, playing the game till itís over
itís all fun and games until someone gets hurt
might just start shooting ourselves like Kurt, (for what itís worth)
Right this moment, soldiers invade foreign territory
tear it down and bring terror to their family
I canít say if itís wrong or justified, Iím just a man who stands
between behind the scene secrets, so I admit I have a weekness
we can sit and argue about, whoís right and whoís wrong
whoís good and whoís evil, the discussion goes on and on
all I know is, (right this moment) I can make a difference in this world
sit and watch it get worse or work to make it more secure