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Braille - Hiphop Music
(from the album Shades Of Grey)
© copyright 2004, written by Braille, Beat by Tony Stone, scratches by Rob Swift

I donít bust caps or press em on Krylon cans
I just stand on stage with the MIC in my hand
8 years ago, no friend of mine
was around to talk, so Iíd sit and write rhymes
I canít say, hiphop is all bad cause it isnít
sometimes it makes me mad and I eject it from my system
this is an art-form, a form of expression
communication, something that youth relate with
gang related or peace statements, itís all up to the artist
we got, freedom of speech and each aims for a different target
different markets, different agendas, different intentions
some are pure, some are offensive
Iím just, one of many different sides represented
or should I mention, each individual is their own extension
speaking their perspective, so in this game I hold my own
ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my home

Hiphop started in the Bronx, come on
now it lives all over the world
people of all types embrace the culture, bang the music
get into it, start a movement, keep doing it
when you write your first rhyme donít expect to be
considered the best mc, develop your flavor and recipe
if you wanna see success it takes a lot of sacrifice and effort
just because you got a flow doesnít get you cheddar
call it cash money, I hate slang and stereo types
for all mediums I give the same advice
no matter what you strive for, no matter what goals you got
thereís no short cut to the golden pot, the plot thickens
I spit out lyrics like their lukewarm but keep it hot
plant seeds to feed the flock when the beat knocks
stay focused on God, bless tracks with passion
Iíll be loving hiphop till my flesh turns to ashes

I got a love/hate relationship with hiphop, it frustrates me
it can break these rusty chains or drive me crazy
Iím a rhyme spitting, time bomb ticking
Christ is living, and died, to save me from this worlds sickness
when people think of rap music they relate it to players, pimps
paper chasers and gang bangers, but donít forget
just cause you see them scenes in videos
doesnít mean, that for every mc, thatís how it really goes
the truth is, hiphop is diverse as earth is
what a man speaks reflects the world heís immersed in
and the condition of his heart, yo itís hard to judge it
most these rappers would be nothing, without their budget
and record labels, paying for promotions
putting their face on posters, while they posing
but see, hiphop music gave a voice to the streets
plus it made profit, so now everybody wants a piece
I wasnít down from the beginning but since I started
Iíve been true to God, myself and true to the art
all I got left to say for everybody east to west
represent hiphop right if you want it to get respect