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Braille - 10 Years
(from the album Shades Of Grey)
© copyright 2004, written by Braille, Beat by 9th Wonder

Children struggle to find someone to listen, thatís why
all they have is the music that they listen to
meet the world, itís trife (trifle) and frost bitten
our generations youth wander around like lost kittens
dodging stray bullets and advertise bulletins
fatal attractions, placed to pull you in
the media is feeding us with poison
people eat it up like itís valuable when really it destroys them
society is blind with so many distractions
thereís only one God but weíre chasing after fractions
and fiction, full speed with no cause or mission
thatís why, most live a life of contradiction
and words like love have lost their definition
the best way to make a statement is through actions
Iím through acting, I canít control how it goes
I take it one step at a time, walking this long road

I, Keep, Wondering
Where, Will I Be
I, Keep, Wondering
Where, Will I Be

I would like to let you know that you
canít predict what might go down next
life goes in many directions and sometimes
it takes us by surprise
Iíve been caught off guard by many challenges and challengers
that arrived un-announced, unexpected
I was once a young child filled with innocence
who I am now after many instances and experience?
How many times did my dreams change?
How many times did my mind change?
Ten years ago I was in seventh grade with no worries
but now I got plenty bills to pay
you know how it go when you got no dough
and the bills stack up while the interest rate grows
itís like the more that you save up, the more that you owe
and sometimes we do the same thing with our soul

I, Keep, Wondering
Where, Will I Be
I, Keep, Wondering
Where, Will I Be

Looking back ten years ago
I didnít know I was walking this road
now that Iím on it, if Iím honest
Iím not sure that I want it
sometimes my mind goes back and forth
trying to figure out, what Iím working towards
who am I working for? gotta do this right
the patterns I set now will follow me through life