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Braille - Poetry In Motion part two
(from the album Shades Of Grey)
© copyright 2004, written by Braille. Beat by Tony Stone, cuts by Muneshine

Poetry in motion bodies moving to the message
My presentation perfected, progressing your perception
uh, spin the record, recognize we wreck it, no question
repping (representing) refreshing essence of hiphop in every session
when I, step on stage, verbal weapons blaze
full throttle with a bottle of water, spitting flames
this industry is lacking, longevity, I知 long lasting
classic craftsmen, create tracks with passion
Tony Stone makes heads nod, I make em meditate
elevate and demonstrate the next level when I accelerate
the fluid flow, Pure Thoughts, Underexposed
Lifefirst: half the battle, it痴 been a Long Road
yo I turn crews, into endangered species
make em, back off the MIC like it痴 covered in feces
awww yeah, Brizzy swing on the track
one time, doing it right, it痴 like that

Poetry in Motion bodies moving to the message
My presentation perfected, Brizzy blessing the session
old school, future and present, I bring preservation
handling the pressure, pressed for time but I知 patient
back aching, from holding the weight, maintaining
weather walking in the rain or waiting at the train station
no matter the location, I知 giving my best
one hundred percent, I知 never settling for less
got that raw type of style, get all over the track, yeah
blast automatically with verbal attack
when I drop and blow spots, a powerful impact
setting the tone with no error in my Syntax
Day by (day) Daily Operation, respect is Hard to Earn
I enter the arena screaming, you must learn
I emerge from the phone booth, super mc
poetry in motion move your body to the beat, come on

it goes One Two, I知 checking microphones like messages
messing with heads when I spit, rhymes wrecking it
you can稚 see this, I知 the Proptosis specialist
your rocking with the excellent, late night medicine
shock heads like Edison, every line is relevant
X-ray vision to expose your skeleton
life sentences, my style sparking drama
got you sweating the technique like I知 rocking in a sauna
I知 a Microphone Fiend, grip it tight till my palms hurt
and Move the Crowd like I relocated my concert
calm your nerves (catch your breath) Relax with Pep
I flow six days a week, on the seventh I rest
battle seven headed dragons, feed the fire with dialogs
and sever their necks using the old rugged cross
I知 down for the cause, keep it moving like a nomad
never leave home with out the pen and the pad
poetry in motion like graffiti on trains
I tag my name on your heart and things will never be the same... after this