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Braille - Shades of Grey
(from the album Shades Of Grey)
© copyright 2004, written by Braille. Beat by Tony Stone

My darkest hour, was pitch black
rain clouds in the sky, could only see when the lightning strikes
withered flowers, hang with their heads down
the weight splashes inside and keeps falling
no smiles, beauty hidden for protection
until trampled by shuffling feat
until a new season arrives and brings joy
in times of desperation, seeking to be noticed
and all I want is to be trimmed of these thorns
to seem more inviting to the poor
unfortunate reflection of my selfish existence
can it be? It was all so simplistic
sipping on my sorrow while itís washing it away
trying to add color to these Shades of Grey
and trying to make sense out of all this confusion
embrace my reality and unmask illusions, holograms
I advance on a quest with many questions
distracted for a second but I know that I destined
counting my blessing, renewed everyday
and I know Iíd never grow without these Shades of Grey
What could drive a man off a cliff, lost in thoughts
analyze life to find whatís real and whatís not
forgotten faces, flashing through my conscience
a conquest for freedom, constant forward motion
leaving Egypt, past erased from attachment
to start from scratch with the bricks that established
my true identity, secret to most
deeper then known, Iím keeping it close, to my heart
written on stone tablets, alone in my magic
advice projected, correcting bad habits
laughing as I drowned in mystical tears
mind consumed by thoughts that my physical fears
I canít, listen with ears, cause words will deceive
as I stand up against darker versions of me
looking over my shoulder, waiting for false moves
dancing around land-mines and get lost in the grove
what happens?, when all the light slowly fades away
and you try to see God inside a Shades of Grey
heís ever-present, through our mistakes flaws and folly
he could have left me falling, but instead he called me
and I answered, silent and unsure what to say
just thanking him for life even with the Shades of Grey

This life is unpredictable, no limits or restrictions
itís filled with opportunities and filled with addictions
so much joy, yet so much affliction
pain and oppression, shame and conviction
so much we see yet, so much weíre missing
so much to change and so much weíre fixing
faith and forgiveness, chaos destruction
poverty, paychecks, starving children and corporate lunches
love, peace, war, hate and hunger
fall, winter, spring, summer, sunshine and thunder
Iím going under, now Iím rising
how much time is left? Thereís no rewinding
sometimes even the light can seem blinding
I wash my thoughts in blood to keep my mind clean
I donít have everything I want
Iíve always had everything I needed

everything hasnít always went how I planned it
but I wouldnít change who I am even if you offered me a mansion
just existing is enough, just living
Iíll do my best to make the right decisions
until the day heaven takes me away
Iím gonna make the most of life even with the Shades of Grey