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3D Remedy - Make It Through
(from the album Da Bishop Vol. 1)

(Verse 1)
Yo no matter the struggle I know that we'll survive
just when we about to quit we gotta get up and rise
we've all seen the cries when a loved one dies
we've all seen the skies when the floor ain't dry
we ask why, cause we all run out of patients
asking God to fix our situation
this world is amazing but we lack so much
how can we truly say "In God we trust" huh?
so much of us that are still in the mist
of our circumstances and waiting to wish
upon on star but those wishes don't go to far
so many of us that are full of scars
so many are filling they're mind with perversive things
I thank God that to us He's been a merciful king
through hurts and everything we can be renewed
cause we're gonna make it through ...and this i know

(Chorus) 2x
I know we're gonna make it through
no matter what we go through
we're gonna make it through
this I know...

(Verse 2)
These hurts burst are it's making things worse
Guiders come to help reverse what seems cursed
but it's only through Christ we can have true life
and we can all unite to worship the true Christ
you might say what is wrong today
to this world that has gone astray
so many bombs we've laid so many people died
it's like a sequel to see where the needles lie
but you and i must keep our heads up even when we fed up
even when we led up He's there to clean our feathers
cause we gotta be like eagles and fly
it with in us to choose to live or die
continue to try to overcome what we face
and press on to live another day
cause we may see things come together soon things will be running better ...and this i know

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 3)
These hard times create these hard rhymes
and made my hard minds betrayed by mankind
portrayed to be blind but we all see the truth
some many of us are just like you
singing the blues when this world gonna change
It's through Jesus name above of all names
when this world gonna change
it's through Jesus name above all names
it ain't' fame that'll heal this world that we live in
so much sinning, corruption but we just missing
on His healing power, if we would just listen
to the healing Father, it'll stop friction
between one another, so we can make this
a better place and truly love all races
cause his grace is sufficient enough
it's through him I can show you love ...and this i know

(Chorus) 2x