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3D Remedy - Lifetime
(from the album Da Bishop Vol. 1)

(Verse 1)
You're the one that I need next to me
You're the one that I need to be corressing me
hmmm, I thank God for blessing me
with a women who has so many specialties
Hey I even remember the day
when I layed eyes, I knew we were destined to stay
together, you were wearing nice tight pants
with pink dressy shirt and looked so nice like that
infact that night I said you would be my wife
and it came to pass no need to dream at night
cause my dreams came true and it's me and you
word can't even explain what I see in you
so beautiful, ain't nothing ever felt like this
we felt each other love when we first touched lips
a kiss (MUAAW) that will last for ever
some how I knew we would last together

(just me and you girl)

(Chorus) 2x
You're the one that I need at night
You're the one that I need to hold me tight
My wife, I'm so in love with you
and i need you for a lifetime

(Verse 2)
I can't front we had our ups and downs
sometimes it felt like a merry-go-around
and frowns came on our face when we broke up
you tried to hide it but inside we'd be choked up
Hold up! HEEEEEY
for my girl who be better than all
we goin' STAAAAY
in love and we'll never fall off.
Hold up! let me rewind a little
you remember the time when we would cry a little
it won't even compare to the next few years
those tears i'll make sure that they turn to bless full years ya hear, i gaurentee that's a promise i'll make
I ain't exagerating i'm being honest today
and though we been together for a while i can say
that i love you more each day

...just me and you

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 3)
I like the way you show you care
I'll like your smile, your glow, your stare
it's just the little thing you do
that make me stay inlove with you
you're like that stars at night when skies are grey
you're like the cool breeze on a desert day
you're like the clock that moves side to side
that leaves me hypnotize when i look in your eyes
if love is blind then my name is stevie
wonder im'a sucker when you come to tease me
i'm squeezing, it gets better after this
and if pain is love just call me a masachist
your an exotic beach were i wanna swim
in your river i shiver everytime i'm in
I'm in love with a women that'll carry my seed
you're the wanna breathe you're the one i need girl

(Chorus) 2x