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3D Remedy - How Many Times
(from the album Da Bishop Vol. 1)

(Verse 1)
Instead of pointing the finger why don't you point at the mirror
How many times have we fallen from Christian to sinners
you can't count even if you're a mathematician
tranna be perfect but in no man sin's missing
listen, only through Christ's why we're forgiven
and even from the things that nobody knows you've been in
they hidden, but still act like we're born saved
yet we're born slaves to sin and still more amazed
when it happens to someone else and not to ourselves
waiting for every opportunity to hit below the belt
Love your neighbor like you love yourself
instead of loving them we judging them and sending them to hell
when the fell did we leave them on their own
or was it shown through Christ we have access to the thrown
let it be known through Him we will never be alone
He with out sin cast the first stone.

(Chorus) 2x
How many times do we fall on our face
How many times do we fall out of place
How many times do we mess up in our lives
How many times we we've been forgiven by Jesus Christ

(Verse 2)
I'm tired of these liars tranna say that they admire
the fire in these songs and deep inside they desire
for me to fall but I stand on what God requires
of me just to be what he wants me to be
it's not easy but hard some get easily scared
but He sets me apart and now me I'ma start
to reach for the one who created the stars
and the moon an Almighty God that's Triune
so stop tranna shine and let God get inside
cause you might just get blind by them light that are lime
whether freestyle or rehearsal, hard-core or commercial
are we really men and women of virtue

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 3)
What if Christ said "sorry Father now I can't forgive them
my people say they love me but my people keep on sinning
they keep on living this life full of compromises
Not pray, not fasting they really not realizing
that with out me, in this world there is only death
they won't be blessed the're careless of my Holiness
they closely test my patients and have no regrets
why would I die for them and give them my last only breath"
MAN!!! I thank God he is not like us
that He is love full of mercy, kindness and gracious
a God who would die for us and resurrect for us
He lives for us and only wants the best for us
He's there for us, when we're weak he's strong
it's our sins on his shoulders that he took on
so that greater things shall we do
the greatest thing He did was forgive you

(Chorus) 2x