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S.F.C. - Hood of good
(from the album Phase III)

Once again
With the Spiritual fitness
I'm allways down
For a drive by witness
Roll up real slow
Then fire
I hit a gang banger
And a backslider
Now both of them
Are singing the choir
On fire
I am
Like I said in my last cut
To more brothers transformed
So what up
I here a beat like this
And straight not up
I can't read
The Word
And just relax
So in my pockets
I stuffed a gang of tracks
Jet out
To the central city mall
Now it's time
Spiritual brawl
Walking around
With no plan
On what to do
Ran into
Some dudes
In the world I knew
We weren't cool
Them boys
I never liked
And when they
Seen my face
They wanted to fight
They walked over to me
And said
Punk what up
I said: Jesus Christ
One said: What
So I said it twice
Jesus Christ
The center of my life
He made a face
Like he was
Sittin' on a block of ice
And said
Yeah you better rut the that Christ
You brother man
You ain't never lied
The old man don died
Got burned
In a grave
No longer
Am I a slave
To sin you heard the term
"Born again"
That's me my friend or black man
Here I stand
Arms wide open
Ready to help
You pray
He started to
back away
And shouted
"Man shut up" I said
I can't G
The Holy Ghost
Is all over me
I'm not
punkin' out
Naw not a bit
I walk in the spirit
So I don't ge
In the flesh &
Try to beat you down
I can't cause
God turned my life around
So I use my boldness
For situations like this
I swing the Word
Not my fist
Like Nicodemius
He marveled off of this
And strolled away
With his homey's
But now him and his homey's they
All know me
As a straight up Christian
Meaning follower of Christ
On monday, tuesday,
Wednesday, thursday
Friday, saturday
Then on sunday,
Me and Q.P.
Hop in the hyundai
Gone to church
Where you'll see me
Immersed in the sea
Of living water
Like a whale
Steppin' on sin
Like it's a snail
I was in jail
But Christ paid my bail
I can't fail
The devil's on my trail
But he'll get bagged up just like mail
Pounded down just like a nail
Under my feet
Where he belongs
I come strong into your neighborhood
Super "C" A.K.A.
The hood of good

I introduce
The pin to
The pad
Then inteeceed
And proceed
To get demons
They don't
Like what I do
But I'm on a quest
To release & bring peace
To those oppressed
And introduce 'em
To the Man behind
The scenes Jesus Christ
Reighn King
Never the less there's
Still some nuckly head
Demon dreamin', scheamin'
To take me under
So then I'm forced to grab
The KJV 66 bustin a clip
Then button his lip
& If he wants to get his
Whole bregade I'll bust 'em up
With a Holy Ghost granade
& Jack back what the devil
& Let him know
He ain't in control
Cause greater is He
That is in me than
He that is in this
Whole planet
But still some
Take it for granted
But you'll smack
That back with this
Track that won't slack
And let it be understood
I'm Q.P., a hood of good