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3D Remedy - Jeremiah 2000 : Weeping Prophets
(from the album Da Bishop Vol. 1)

(Chorus) 2x
So many prophets that can't be heard
'cause so much jealousy and envy that's in the church
so they burn in side cause they contain the word
and can't even share it, when will we learn

(Verse 1)
It's more than holding it in, it's feeling out of place
how we're in church and members would stand in our face
with smiles and shaking our hands saying how much we bless them
yet behind our backs they say how much we stress them
and then there are those who should give you the push
but instead they shove you down cause they're just shook
of loosing their position but if they would just listen
to the voice of God instead making their own predictions
they wouldn't missing out on what the Lord is doing
but their agenda is only thing that they're pursuing
and we ask ourselves what do they feel inside
is it resentment, insecurity, or is it just pride
or is it just lies with in me that I hear and feel
I'm keeping it real, how in the world can i conceal
this deep inside , i feel like I'ma explode
if that's the case, take this load I don't want it no mo're

(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 2)
We say we want revival, we don't want it that bad
if we really did we would be raising that lad
to preach the word, worship, and prophecy
but when they're heard those same prophets die
cause of the jealousy and the subliminal darts
hitting the heart, and "we want revival to start?"
it will never happen if we're only promoting ourselves
and not helping our brothers getting up off of the shelves
Paul said "if you boast then boast in the Lord
and he also boasted in other brothers and not deplore
them, yet we do the opposite, we just slam the door
of opportunity in their face for them to explore
what God has for them and what he has in store
but when they find out we tell'em hold on some more when God say it's time they say not right now
it's almost like saying I'm in charge it's my time now
(Chorus) 2x

(Verse 3)
you have a home run hitter sitting on the bench
cause you scared he'll steal the show cause he's so intense
let me commence by saying that you feel envy
thinking they're the enemy but they're being friendly
and I Know God has placed them to build the church
but we want to build it ourselves and yet we search
for the next move of God so we ask him for help
but when he sends it we put the help in a cell
and we lock it up and throw away the key
not realizing that God has sent the Remedy
to the petition that they were all asking for
but another day passes by and we still ignore
when the prophets speak they think it's a joke
but it might be to late we we've cleared the smoke
and when it's all said and done and they feel like the're strong
they find out that the're really wrong

(Chorus) 2x