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3D Remedy - Insecurities
(from the album Da Bishop Vol. 1)

Insecurities is when you ask yourself
so many question and inside you melt
it ain't a blessing but a curse that dwells
in your intestines and in your stomach shells
Insecurities make me want to rebel
it leaves you guessing of the things you felt
or am I destined cause I doubt myself
and i stay stressing wondering will I excel

(Verse 1)
Are we really sure or insecure of who we are
is there a cure for the impure or poor in heart
are we mature enough to endure what we start
or do we fail and let prevail what tears us apart
it's scary to me when i don't get clarity
of what I see of someone who want to marry me
is there guarantee or is it really just me
it might just be cause the fact is I hate to see
my insecurities hurt deeply the people i love
especially my rib so i need help from above
help from the dove the Spirit can heal my wounds
and when He hears it I pray He can heal me soon
it's a mental doom a fight against myself
these insecurities are fighting my mental health
and emotionally I ain't doing to good
I'm asking God to please help me do what I should


(Verse 2)
You feel like your brain's at war, don't know what to think
so I pray to Lord cause this really stinks
giving in to my flaws and I ain't in sync
with what come outta my jaw so then I just shrink
and view the people in this world like giants
and not really realizing, in this world who i am
suffering so much cause my girl is crying
cause of me and inside it's me who's dying
it's gotten to the point were it's out of control
I'm about to burst I wanna let it out of my soul
and outta my chest I've even tried to confess
I detest this situation that gets me depressed
I wish my mind would stop and just give it a rest
Just to hear the truth is my only request
cause I've tried to stress how bad wanna show progress
but I can't express enough how much I hate this mess


There all around you from parents to children
There all around you but to afraid to admit it
It's everyone it's anyone don't be afraid
just bring to the Lord and we'll be saved

(Chorus) ask yourself
...and inside you melt
...a curse that dwells your stomach shells
...want to rebel
...of the things you felt
...I doubt myself
...will I excel