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3D Remedy - What Am I To Do
(from the album Da Bishop Vol. 1)

I'm running, I'm running with no end
I'm running, I just so Christ ascend
I'm running, and I didn't go with him

(Verse 1)
I cant' believe what i see that has happen to me
I try to plead the blood but i see its late for me
i say I'm crazy but i know this is reality
I never though I'd see the city in catastrophe
and in the country the same things is happening
so now i can't eat unless I have the mark of the beast
and now i can't sleep i wish that my life was deceased
cause i have no hope was this really meant for me
if it was then take this cup away from me
but i can't give up and i wait patiently
amazingly they haven't even caught me yet
it's killing me, these thoughts, and more than threats
that are after, chasing me it men in vests
cause of blaspheme is the reason I'm in this mess
It's a tragedy it's nothing more nothing less
they are attacking me and now they're beating my chest
pleading for death, and now I'm seeking for strength
seeing was left i wish this was only a test
or even a dream but it seems that this won't end
now I'm screaming to me and i'm running again

I'm running, I'm running with no end
I'm running, I just so Christ ascend
I'm running, and I didn't go with him
I'm running, WHAT AM TO DO!

(Verse 2)
I was good once, but these blunts kept me messed up
getting me drunk then sunk in this a deep pit full of mud
and couldn't get up got stuck but i Remember once
when i was this man, laid hand and had plenty of love
plenty of hugs where given It' was for Him i was living
Him being Christ giver of life that flows like a river
had the devil shivering like a snake he was quivering
cause I preached God's word and people where listening
it's a mystery now, How in the world I fell back
to my past life of sin, and was unable to get back up
it's tuff, now I suffer the consequences
i never though that this will be as intense as this is
but it is, it's car collision, everyone's missing
they should have listen to Christ instead of just dissing
I should have listen too but instead I've been just a fool
gotta few minutes left and it's right before
they put me under the Guillotine So I pray to the Lord
Saying father WHY? What was it all for?
but the blade is coming down so now I run no more