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Young Wiz - Beyond That
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
If I turn back and listen, chillin' with my folks is what I'm missin'
Even though you wasn't there I ain't dissin'
From being suicidal to a christian, that's how I'm livin'
The gift to breath and speak what I'm given'
Driven for better than my worst, criminal mind, clever
Future was a hurse, hurtin' mom's fellings thru her purse
Never seen a nurse, that ain't luck, this worlds heavy like a mac truck
We all stuck like Chuck, cats live for the buck, head to da dark
Let my light shine, to twist these limes, thru the power of rhymes
Is it all fine and gravy, have you checked your lifestyle lately
Then maybe we can live, thru our words, life and death is what we give
We all need freedom instead of doin' a bid, got you blind in da mind, dats what it is.

Beyond the lime light, for those that rhyme tight
Gimmie the mic, gotta go beyond that
Countin' da stacks, flippin' da crack, got a mack for yo gat
Yo black, we beyond that (2X)

Higher level in da rap game, elevatin' da block man
The rest sellin' they soul for short change
I'm in the range with my voice, who can I touch
It's a must, I'm sent by the one who made me out of dust
God I trust to make it thru these lies, stay true
Causin leaders to apologize, raping the generation by not bein' real
Strippin' tha federation just to get tha scrill
Leavin' young ones hopeless that's how I feel
Lying down at night tryin' to rest in da fight
New situation so I grab da mic, speakin' tha truth
Envision everything bein' alright before I leave this earth
Give it all for what it's worth, overcoming the wicked turf
Plus chosen before birth, they tell me on the streets the pain hurts
But we see it every day, y'all, it gets worse


Verse 3
Here and right now, it's time for a change
Had enough of Satan's lies, that's simple and plain
This is to you rap cats doin' yo rap thang
Say you damned over words corruptin' brains
Like life in football callin' it a game
Girls this chedda' that the world done went insane
Get tha bigger picture, thats why Jesus came
to die for our sins so we wouldn't be the same
Instead you seek for worldly fame, better wise up sinner man
You headin' for flames
With Satan there's nothin to gain, right now you get pleasure but forever you get pain
I was like that now I have became a holy Ghost rapper in Jesus name
Trust me, I know it pours when it rains, I thank you Father God for my new mental frame
You also can be forgiven for your sins, but you gotta make a change
And it starts within, life changin', is on the mic, it's what I bring
Apostle Paul thru God, all hail, praise the King
It's not about the cash or the records you sell, that's just a one way ticket to hell
we must tell the truth and kick the facts
rappin' about girls and clothes, we beyond that