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Young Wiz - Caution
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
Let me explain why these thugs goin' insane
Lookin' to you to heal the pain instead u killin' 'em man c'mon
We need a change I mean da rap lyrics rearanged
20 years old still da same old thang
Yo, dawg, I got da cocaine, it all sound da same
and these mothers complain, you killin' they sons for da fame
patna check yo brain, so we can all maintain, let's get it together
There's another way to make these days better, but you livin' for da chedda
slow down before you get hit wit a beretta, now tell me is dat clever
It's a shame in dis cruel game, pops bailed tell me God, who to blame
sellin' dope up on the block just to maintain, why I quote like dis
Now goin' insane screamin' theres no hope in dis Lord we need a change

Blowin the trumpet, keepin it pumpin, CAUTION
Now or nothin, killin' and frontin', CAUTION
For dem thugs out there killin for a record deal, CAUTIONr
For da girls out there livin for da scrill, CAUTION
Blowin the trumpet keepin it pumpin, CAUTION
Now or nothin killin and frontin, CAUTION
For the thugs claimin they real, CAUTION
For them girls tryin to get the scrill, CAUTION

Verse 2
When y'all gonna stop, beef on wax tryin to stay hot
Lyin on tracks, dis is da facts
Sellin your soul for the stack, black, cmon back
Meant for good, spread truth to da hood like you know you should
You ain't no Clint Eastwood I speak it how i see it
Gift you got beein' mistreated, change is comin betta believe it
Prayin' for your soul tellin' the Lord don't let the devil control
Your voice is a sword but you hoppin' on board
lookin' for death, dat ain't good better switch it to da left
Life stories on da shelf, tell me what's next on da menu
I send this to you and your crew


Verse 3
Extortion these thugs by pullin the plug
givin' no hugs, showin' the love by closin your mug
steppin' on rugs, claimin' da truth healin' da youth
stayin' diligent in da studio booth
don't need no weed to flow this is proof
destination to make a difference speakin' hope to these lost infants
Transforming nerds to juvenile delinquents
instead of God, Its you who they believe in
Death is what they receiving
Da Heavenly Father heart is grieved and I'm spittin' hittin'
Bringin da real pleadin' to slow down
MC's they low down examples of Pac and Left Eye, look they gone now
lost and never found six feet under ground
because of they words they was the wrong sound
And If you ask me, according to the Word of God
They in hell now