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Young Wiz - Different
(from the album When Thugs Cry)

Verse 1
Ay yo, it's logical we need a change up in these streets.
Shorties trippin' off the weed, coke bangin da beats
Lost without da truth, on da block ready to treat
Missin' somethin in they life, not feelin complete
What da seeds gonna do when we dead and gone
Speakin life up in my rhymes, when u hear dis song
Been blind for so long, no hope to stay strong
DMX you wanna preach, change your ways then get it on
Now I'm blessed in these last days, young thug growin up
Heart full of rage, smoked out till I die
Eyes full of blaze, no one ever told me that sin pays
In my mind deep in thought, I was in a maze
Transformed by the earth, so I'm cursed
Momma weary in her heart, Duke I know it hurts
Life flash before my eyes, plus it gets worse.

Now don't be hatin' 'cuz we different from you
Your whole crew spit lies, we spit truth. (4X)

Verse 2
These days you aint gotta rhyme, just lookin' good and bustin' nines
Everybody wanna shine, fantasizin' in your rhymes
Your flow is more P than Diddy, like more wack than gritty
Hip hop is lockin down da city
Got more chips than Hoys, got more hits than Roy Jones
Still when they catch you slippin' you cant stop these goons
My words are stimulatin', even the unborn is waitin'
Enemy's hatin', lookin' at the father, calculatin'
I'm a scream it from a mountian, make it echo thru the world
See I'm here to let you know, I came to save these boys and girls
Used to catch me on the corner, waitin for Pops, but never showed
Now we gettin dough, with clips of load and we bumb rushin' liquor stores
That's how it was in the 'hood, but now these MC's, they doin' more damage then Bin Laden ever could
Spittin rhymes like venim, dressed in fresh linen, abusin' women like O.J.
I wish it was easier as coverin it up with band-aids
Born into this world, u was released into the jungle
And these streets a beast, and it's ready to take you under
Like Sopranos, casinos, everybody wanna be Nino's
Like the New Jack, with the crew pack, and they ready to pull your cap back


Verse 3
As I sit back and listen, envision the times
Cats lovin money, hittin' chicks, your season to shine
I think to myself why these leaders are blind
They don't wanna hear da truth, man they feeling is fine
Narrow is da gate, for real, I can't fake
I'd rather eat off my own, instead of y'all's plate
Not Ja, not Jay, Y'all cats ain't da way
Reppin' for da Livin' One, Ya better listen today
As I spit facts, Y'all dudes spittin fiction
Here to tell dat, takin y'all recognition
Flippin' da beats, speakin' healing to da streets
Runnin' to every 'hood takin' back my peeps
Pluggin' da leaks dats comin' out your ear
Hittin' every block dats near, to every club up in da rear
With thugs drinkin' beer, your season's up, homeboy, dis is our year, fo sho